Saturday, 28 June 2008

It's Kinda Like This....

There is this mad woman who takes care of me . You must know the one. She is always complaining about me. Thinks I'm a right jack the lad. Anyway she's decided to take some time out, recharge her batteries whatever that is. I heard her saying that she wants to catch up on doing stuff and practice her photography and all that kind of jazz. I reckon it's about time she chilled out a bit and got off my case. She may be gone for 2 weeks or two months, who knows?
So that's how it is. I know what I'm gonna do for the summer so if you excuse me while I get some shut eye. This is the life!
Ciao. Miaow. Purr and all the other noises that cats make. Have a great summer. (Must dream of catching birds now.)


  1. I can see who is the boss in your house!

  2. Have a nice break Simone. There just isn't enough time in the day is there, to really enjoy everything you like to do. I do look forward to seeing you back though, but promise no pressure! He looks a good boy really? x

  3. I hope you have a really good break and feel totally refreshed at the end and ready to blog again! Love that photo of your bad boy lolling on hte sofa!!!

    Lucy x

  4. I do hope you won't be gone for too long!!Have a good break! ;-)

  5. Enjoy your break Simone, it's good to take time out and just catch up on all the things you want to do. Enjoy your Summer

  6. He may be a jack the lad but he's very gorgeous! Hope your blog break is just what you need. Sometimes it's good to just press the pause button and step outside and smell the roses.

  7. hope you enjoy your break and have a lovely summer.
    lisa x

  8. Oh I'll miss you!
    have a wonderful break but don't forget us and don't be too long gone.

  9. Hello Simone.. hope I have caught you in time to say.. enjoy your sabbatical!
    I am thinking of having one myself.. can't cram it all into a day anymore..
    So enjoy and recharge and come back with some more fab photos of that very photogenic pussy cat..
    A bientot.


  10. Have a nice little break, catch-up with things quickly and come back though! Promise me...
    Carol x

  11. Hey Gizmo-
    I'm going to miss that mad woman who takes care of you!! Hope she doesn't forget about us while she's gone. :)

  12. Hi Simone..I left you an award on my blog ;-) Sal

  13. We all need a break once in a while. :) Your cat is beautiful! And you caught him at the best moments to express his personality--and they are all different, that's for sure--hehe! Hope you're having fun! :)


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