Sunday, 17 August 2008

Hampton Court Palace and Gardens (2)

Part 2

The pictures above and the 3 pictures below are of the herbaceous border which is situated in the Great Fountain Garden. It was introduced in the 1920's and is said to be the longest in the world.

I like the varying heights of the plants and the vibrant colour mix.

I have a small walled area in my garden and would like to try and replicate some of the planting shown here. It is quite a soft and 'natural' looking planting scheme compared to the formal flower beds shown in other parts of the garden. I am sure Louise would be able to identify many of the plants shown here!

This picture may give you an idea of the length of the border. Look at those vivid yellows!

I am not sure what this flower is but it is very pretty. I am sure all you green fingered bloggers are shouting the name at the computer screen!

Now I recognise the sweetpeas! I think they look rather unruly but their scent compensates for their untidiness.

If you fancy a summer horse carriage ride then you can join the Shire horses Harry and Jim for a tour around the perimeter of the Great Fountain Garden. I reckon it's the horse manure that keeps the gardens looking so good!

There were a few of these urns around the Privy Garden. I liked the detail of the figure in the handle.

The sign above explains that the area is left un-planted so that other plants do not compete for moisture and nutrients that are required for the Vine. The roots of the vine extend beneath the un-planted area.

This picture is not very clear because it was taken indoors behind glass. You may get a clearer view if you click on the photograph. The picture is of the Great Vine. It is the largest grape vine in the world. It is also the oldest at 230 years old. It was planted in 1768 by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown. If you are visiting at the end of August you can purchase grapes from this vine in the palace shops.

So here we end our tour. I was at the Palace and Gardens for over five hours and never got around to trying out the Tiltyard Cafe or Privy Kitchen Coffee Shop. I didn't get to visit the Chapel Royal and many other parts of the garden. I did get to go in the maze though and thought I would never get out! I have never been very good with directions!

If you decide to explore Hampton Court Palace and Gardens I suggest that you make a full day of it to fully appreciate all it has to offer and to soak up the surroundings. I would also recommend that you take advantage of the free audio guides. These really do help to explain things when you are looking around inside the palace.


  1. Have just discovered your blog and also recently came across Magic Patch magazine and Veronique's 'Born to Quilt' shop in France. I love everything in her shop and have tried to justify a trip to Lyon just to go to her shop!!!LOL. I am a new blogger and if you have time to view my blog, you will see my version of Veronique's sewing machine house ....

  2. Hello well this is strange, I was just looking at an old post of mine about a visit to Hampton Court and have just popped over to visit your blog and found this! Your visit seemed to benefit from lots of flowers, ours was out of season. It is a wonderful place isn't it. I don't think you lost out by not going to the Kitchen cafe, it wasn't very good! Glad you had such a great time and conquered the maze

  3. Oh yes, thats better! I didn't really find myself in love with those formal gardens yesterday, but this border is absolutely stunning and much more to my liking :o)!!
    The colours/contrasts are fabulous, and its made me think I need more yellows in my own back yard (sunflowers got eaten, nasturtiums died of cold/wet).
    thanks for sharing Simone, our photos are wonderful

  4. Hello Simone,
    How nice of you to come and visit me!
    Thanks for sharing photos of your visit to the palace and gardens, they are truly wonderful to look at!
    I hope that the weather improves, just so you can spend time doing your garden...I would LOVE to see photos of it!

    With LOVE & KISSES
    Debbie Moss

  5. Love this post, and thanks for the mention Simone, and for having so much faith in my knowledge of plants, I must say I am struggling on some of those in the herbaceous border! I think the plant with the red trumpet shape flowers is some form of fuchsia? I must visit these gardens again sometime, and to go especially at this time of the year, the borders are gorgeous, and just up my street. Thanks for showing us the photos, at least now I can put off the impending visit for a year or so! x

  6. Hi Simone,
    I have enjoyed visiting with you. I haven't been for years (only to the flower show). My sister took my little one last week too (a special auntie and niece day). They had a great time and she particulary liked the maze.
    ginny x
    p.s. love the picture of your naughty ginger boy on your previous post.

  7. I was blaming the dullness of my garden at the mo on the season and poor weather. But looks like you just blew my excuses out of the water with those gorgeous borders.

  8. Thanks for your kind coments...
    My little ones, were giggling when I read it to them!

    It`s pouring down here... So, I don`t think that I will be able to take photos of my mum`s cushions!

    With LOVE and KISSES

    Debbie Moss

  9. What wonderful photos! I've really enjoyed looking at all of them. I remember visiting Hampton Court many years ago - and I mean many:) - so it was wonderful to see it again.

  10. Dear Simone...
    Thanks for your kind comment regarding my mum`s cushions...
    I never thought of doing that... asking for remnants.
    Thanks for the idea.
    I hope that you have a fun weekend, followed by a Bank Holiday on Monday!

    Love, Hugs and Kisses

    Debbie Moss

  11. Ooh I'd love borders that wide.
    Have you been to Wisley? Its beautiful.

  12. Such a beautiful place! I've so enjoyed enlarging these lovely photographs and really studying them. Thanks for sharing your day with me!

  13. Hi Simone,

    I've mangaed to finish my bag today and am quite pleased with it - pop over to my blog and have a look!!


    Julia :0)

  14. It's years since I've been to Hampton Court - we need to go back and visit soon!


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