Saturday, 16 August 2008

Hampton Court Palace and Gardens

Part 1

I had never been to Hampton Court Palace and Gardens so last week I took the opportunity of a dry day to go and visit. The following photos are outdoor shots of the palace and gardens because photography was not permitted in the buildings. It is such a shame as there were some splendid rooms with ornate ceilings, tapestries and works of art. The rooms included The Queen's State Apartments (originally intended for Queen Mary II), The Georgian Rooms, The King's Apartments (King William III), The Wolsey Rooms (Cardinal Wolsey's private lodgings), The Tudor Kitchens and the Chapel Royal.

The pictures above and the one below are taken in the Pond Gardens. They are sunken flower gardens that were originally ornamental ponds used for holding freshwater fish, such as carp and bream.

Look at the symmetry each side of the pathway.

The pictures above and below were taken in Clock Court. The clock is very ornate and colourful. My photographs really do not do it justice.

I love these chimneys. They are intricately patterned and show true craftsmanship. The cloud looks like smoke coming out of the tops of them.

This picture is of Fountain Court. At this point we exit through to the Gardens.

Yet another fountain in the Great Fountain Gardens! This fountain turns so you may think you are being rained on as you enjoy a picnic but it is just the spray from the fountain. I spotted some Koi Carp in the pond as they were swimming very close to the surface of the water.

Look at these wonderful clipped yew trees! The shadows made interesting circular patterns beneath the trees. I am not really a fan of formal gardens but I did find the shapes of the trees pleasing to the eye.

Have you ever seen trees that look like this? They remind me of crinoline dresses.

We finish part one of the 'tour' at one of the formal bedding areas. Next time I will be showing you flowers in the long border and the The Great Vine.


  1. Thank you for the beautiful walk. I so enjoyed the garden and the clock. The fountain was wonderful too.

  2. Wow..what stunning gardens!..the fountain is so beautiful..and the yew trees make a fine shadow..the topiary (?) trees remind me of Edward Scissorhands! :D

  3. Hi Simone thanks for leaving a message. I ahve been to Hampton Court Flower show many times but never been to Hampton Court!!
    It looks fab!

  4. Sweet Simone,
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful garden pictures... otherwise... I wouldn`t know that such pretty gardens existed!
    I`m glad that you had a lovely sunny day out... the photos are wonderful!
    Kisses Kisses
    Debbie Moss

  5. These photos are fabulous Simone. Really nice to see the palace gardens again. I visited many years ago with my mum and stepdad, we travelled there on a canal boat which left from Guildford. I am going to take inspiration from your first photo, those borders are breathtaking. Pop over to my home blog Simone, there is an award waiting for you there. x

  6. If I remember correctly I went here on a school trip when I was 13 and bought a jigsaw of the clock. Lovely pics
    lisa x

  7. My love of Hampton Court Palace is off the scale - I used to go about once a month as a child because I was completely obsessed with the place so thanks for your pictures they made my day.

    Clairey x

  8. Oh Beautiful - I would love to go to Hampton Court

    April xx

  9. I have never been there either ! what a great place to spend a day. I should go there as it is not that far away from me.
    Thank you for the lovley tour.
    I am having a naughty break from the ironing !
    Carol x

  10. Wow what a wonderful stunning place. I would love to go here not sure they would like my little guys running around the gardens though. What lovely pics.
    Thanks for your comment, little guy is full of wonderful words like this he still has his innocence about him.

  11. Beautiful photos, Simone..lucky you! I'd love to visit such a lovely place ;-)

  12. Love your photos Simone, beautiful....but I have to be honest here.....I think for me personally, the gardens are toooo immaculate, almost scarily so. Anyone else think this or is it just me? Looking forward to seeing the Long border though..


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