Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Little Things Mean a Lot

Thank you for all your kind comments regarding my last post. I had intended that my blog would only contain the good things in life but I guess that post was just one of life's hiccups. I wrote it shortly after I had found her and my emotions were running high.

I try to keep a positive outlook in life and it is the little things that mean a lot to me, such as spotting this butterfly a few weeks ago. It was close to the roof of my house and I quickly got a shot of it before it flew away with an identical butterfly that was resting further down the wall.

When out and about I try to seek out small pleasures such as observing lovely front gardens or window boxes, or watching the antics of birds on roof tops. Today I walked back from the shops down a particularly nice street of terraced houses. There was an unexpected sight at the last house in the row. On the wrought iron gate there was lots of tiny rusty bells with even smaller ribbons attached tied randomly all over it. I had never noticed this before even though they looked like they had been there for years! I was tempted to open and close the gate in quick succession to hear the little bells tinkle but thought better of it.

Just seeing the gate with it's ribbon and bell embellishment really lifted my spirits. I think an Angel must live in the house.


  1. I hope the angel living there is watching over you. xx

  2. Oh yes, it really is the Little Things that lift the spirits.
    I've started a daily notebook where I try and jot down each day one or two things that I am grateful for. SO far they seem to be very food orientated lol, is it sinful to be grateful for iced buns???! But really it was the pleasure in making and decorating them, being at home in my warm kitchen, not scoffing them, although that was a grateful moment certainly.
    Well I am rambling, but you get the drift.
    Glad you're feeling brighter

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better,Simone. The beauty of blogging is that there are always plenty of friends to gather around and help you to lift your spirits!
    Hugs ;-)

  4. Dear Simone, back from long blog break!
    I am so sorry to hear about Peppercorn. I think it helps to write about it on your blog. I was reading back through my blog last night, trying to find out when I started it! and I read again my post on my little Maddy - at the time I could hardly speak. Blogging friends were so supportive which I find so wonderful.
    Big hugs are winging there way to you.
    Carol xx

  5. it's the little things that make a big difference I think. The thought of a gate with little bells is just lovely -
    lisa x

  6. Open the gate! Open the gate!!
    hee hee!

    I know what you mean, I dont write a hugely personal blog, but I had to include my Grans passing. It felt wrong not to, I wanted to honour her.
    I think the sad times only go to make the happy times happier.

    Clare :)

    open the gate!

  7. Hi Simone, I am so glad you seem to be feeling better. I just read about Peppercorn and I am so sorry. Please be kind to yourself. I am glad the little bell angel came and lifted your spirits a bit.

  8. The little gate with bells sounds magical and intriguing:) I wonder who put them there, and why? - there is a story to be written around that, I think :)

  9. Hows things Simone??
    Juts dropped by to say I am thinking of you and sending a hug.


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