Friday, 10 October 2008

Peppercorn R.I.P

How I hate this October day. How I hate the blessed sunshine and blue skies that made me feel that everything was going to be alright in the world. How I hate the fact that whilst I was happily having my lunch a fox took it upon itself to bite a chunk out of my hen's back and leave her dying under a bush. How I hate myself for thinking she would be OK for an hour to wander around the garden without the security of her run as she had done so for 3 years. How I hate the fact that I took my daily routine for granted and thought that she would be safe. I feel so shaken. The stability of my world is shaken. How do I explain to my 10 year old son when I pick him up from school today that my carelessness caused the death of our pet hen.


  1. So sorry to hear your sad news

    April xx

  2. Oh Simone, how horrid! But it's certainly not your fault! These sorts of things just happen - although I'm amazed that a fox was brave enough to come in the middle of the day. We lost one of our hens to one in the night because I had let a pop-hatch in the top of their run (that I used to access the water etc)get loose. But a fox will find food somehow when it needs it - not your fault at all! Take care, Lucy x

  3. Oh I am so sorry to hear this - but I agree with Lucy it was not your fault. Sometimes foxes just get in - my neighbours lost one of their chickens the night before the moved home. It was so sad - I remember being sad and it wasn't even my hen. I hope that you feel better soon and that your son is ok.

  4. So sorry musn't blame yourself though. I know how you feel after losing several chickens here to native cats..once when out of the yard and once inside. Take care, Ginax

  5. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Lovely Simone... I`m so sad to hear about your hen!
    Please, try not to be so harsh on yourself!
    Your DS will understand... he may get a bit upset at first... but he will be ok after...
    I know that... because my Dear Friend dog run away... and he jumped off the bridge into a motorway... the fall cause him to die... but then he was run over by several cars...
    My DF young children were very upset with it for a while... but they soon got over it!
    And so as my friend... she blamed herself for the death of their beloved pet!

    I hope that you and your DS, will feel much better soon!

    Debbie Moss

  6. So sad but you must not blame yourself,Simone. Huge hugs..Sal

  7. Oh, dear - sometimes life can be horrible can't it? Poor Peppercorn and poor you - I know it is hard but try not to shoulder the blame just help your son cope with the loss. Take care:)

  8. Oh Simone, what a sad tale, and how upset you must obviously be feeling. Be gentle with yourself. Nature can seem unbearably cruel sometimes.
    Diana x

  9. What a horrible thing to happen, but as everyone has already said it's not your fault.
    lisa x

  10. I feel your pain Simone : (

    Clare xx

  11. Dear Simone.. sad news and I am so sorry to hear that you lost a beloved animal.. but you mustn't blame yourself..
    Nature takes it's course and you were not to blame..

    Michele x

  12. oh no, Simone, how awful for you to go through this. I'm so sorry I've not stopped in to your blog for a few days, and I see what a tough time you've been having.
    I hope the shock has eased a little, remember that wild animals will always do what nature intended and you are certainly not to blame.
    I am lost for words (not often THAT happens!), but sending you big hugs and lots of love

  13. How absolutely awful for you. My Betty free ranges all day and - touch wood - so far, she's been ok but you can never be sure. You can keep them safe twenty-three and a half hours a day and then Mr fox chooses that half hour to visit so of course it's not your fault. I hope all you're finding a way to get through it?
    Deb x

  14. I am really sorry you lost your hen in this way. You were only allowing her to do what she loved best. I can imagine how upset you felt Simone, but the fox, and not you, is to blame. x


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