Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Practising Frugality

It seems we are in a time and place where practising a bit of frugality is called for. The tips listed below are the measures that I have taken in order to save a few pennies.
  • Give up fabric softener
  • Make porridge with water. Once cooked it becomes creamy anyway.
  • Drink Herbal tea. Herbal tea doesn't require milk and therefore doesn't require a biscuit for dipping!
  • Wrap the used wax from tart burners in cling film and store between tea towels and table cloths to add fragrance.
  • Use a mid-priced range of shampoo and conditioner. They do the job just as well as top-priced ranges.
  • Give up impulse buying.
  • Visit some of the many 'Frugal Living' websites for hints and tips on saving money.
These hints and tips are pertinent to me and my lifestyle. Are there any areas where you could cut back and possibly cut out spending?


  1. I have spent most of my life being frugal as I just never had the money - randomly this time of financial difficulty is actually the first time in my life I've had money to spend (which means being able to buy a new pair of shoes now rather than waiting til the soles fall off my old ones!) Weird, huh?

    I do like your tips though - but I have to ask... what is a tart burner??

  2. Does giving up impulse buying apply to fabric buying too? ..... ooooh, that's a difficult one me thinks!!! :0)

  3. I too am trying to buy less expensive brands and making my $$ stretch. I think we all will be for a while.

  4. Thanks for those tips,Simone!!
    I couldn't give up my tea but can do away with the biscuit (at a push!)
    I bought a cheaper fabric softener last week and it is just as good.

  5. tescos coconut conditioner - 49p!

  6. We are having to be really careful at the moment so have been cutting down and managing without a lot of things we used to do or buy.

    We make our own bread, cakes, biscuits, jam and marmalade.

    I tend to look for offers at the supermarket and shop around instead of going to just one place.

    We don't buy newspapers and magazines anymore - I read the local one on line and pick up the free mags that supermarkets produce.

    My local library is well used, I order books on line and collect them from there - no trips to Waterstones, Smiths et al.

    M&S is given a wide berth too.

    When we go out we take flasks of coffee and our own homemade cake, biscuits or sandwiches so we don't have to buy food anywhere.

    Just a few things but it does help with the finances :)

  7. We've switched the microwave off when not in use and don't leave things on standby. Hub thought I was mad until our electricity dropped by £20 a month!!. Also I only buy fruit and veg from our local fruit shop when I need it, or in smaller amounts as I found if I bought in bulk a lot went to waste.
    lisa x

  8. This year, with possibly a handful of exceptions, I have bought all my clothes second hand from charity shops.
    It's been fun searching for new things, although I am not known to be the best dressed Mum at the school gates lol! But I have saved a lot of money, clothes are so bloody expensive.

  9. Surprisingly I am by no means mean, and I am generous, but I do tend to squeeze every little bit out of the toothpaste and dilute the washing-up liquid to use the very last drop. I am sure this has saved me a lot of money over the years! x


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