Friday, 16 January 2009

Craft Project No.1 - Easy Watercolours

If you fancy having a dabble in watercolours then here is a quick and easy project for you to try. Firstly gather the materials you need together: paints, brushes, palette, jar of water and kitchen roll. You will also need an A4 sheet of good quality watercolour paper, masking tape and a board to tape it to.

Set your equipment up as above and divide your paper up into sections with the masking tape, around the edges, horizontally and vertically. You are now ready to begin painting.

Wet your largest brush and brush over one of the squares of paper. You want the paper wet but not soaking. Then dilute some paint with some more water and brush over the wet paper. Start from the top to the bottom working from side to side. You are just looking for a pale wash of colour at this stage.

Continue to work in this way for the rest of the sheet of paper.

When all the sections have been painted leave to dry.

The next stage is to add your painting. I have shown two imperfect images above. You will be able to do much better than this! The idea is to produce a 'flower like' image. With your chosen colour of paint, load your brush with colour and quickly dab on the paint to form a flower type shape. Whilst the paint is still wet, pick up another colour on your brush and add to the centre of the 'flower'. Don't try to move the paint around. Just let it bleed naturally into the other paint. Whilst this is drying move on to one of your other backgrounds and do the same. It is surprising what effects you can get. The results of watercolour painting are unpredictable!

When you have completed your designs and the paint is dry, remove the masking tape.

Using a guillotine or paper trimmer cut between the paintings.

Because you masked off the paper you will have nice clean white borders around your work. I enhanced the border further by edging the cards with a Sakura Pen-touch gold calligrapher pen.

Use your favourite designs to mount onto card stock or make tags or even frame them! If they don't meet the mark then remember that practise makes perfect!


  1. That's a really lovely idea simple yet very effective ;-)

  2. They look gorgeous Simone. Rob's the painter around here but I'll show him these for ideas.


  3. "You will be able to do much better than this"... heehee I can tell you've never seen me try and draw or paint!!!! They look gorgeous, I might even be inspired to have a go :)

    Mel xxx

  4. Oh, I am LOVING these, they are beautiful!!! I think flower-power is taking hold of so many of us at the moment in Blogland, and I for one am loving it hugely. Such a tonic for the grey of January.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I have dabbled with watercolour so I know how tricky it can be.
    Cute pictures though!


  6. I doubt I can achieve anything like your flowers, but what a fab tute. I'm going to give it a go with the children. Thank you.

  7. What a great idea Simone.
    Your flowers are lovely.
    Ah well, yet another craft I will have to have a go at.
    Take care.
    Carol xx

  8. Thanks so much for this, I have been wondering what to try this weekend together with my son and I love this idea. (me thinks this could be a great way to create a great mothers day card from Jamie and me to mine and neils mums). Absolutely gorgeous


  9. Well, huge thanks for posting this. My 10 year old did it today and had a ball with it (though we didn't have all the proper stuff!). I've blogged about it and linked back to you. Thank you again.

  10. i really like these simone... this makes me want to go out and buy some new watercolours!

  11. If mine could look like that, I would love to have a go!

    Thanks for sharing…love Lou xxx

  12. Simone, you’re clearly very talented with watercolours, because you’ve made what sounds simple look very skilled!

    I’ve done watercolours too in the past, but not for a few years now as there simply isn’t enough time in the day to go to work, keep the house looking reasonable, craft ……. and paint as well and right now the patchwork and quilting is winning over the watercolours – still I will go back to it one day because I love it.

    Julia :0)

  13. These look gorgeous :) I've always wanted to have a go at watercolours but I am terrible at painting. I might have a go at this though!

  14. Thanks for the watercolour tutorial. You make it look so easy, I must have a go sometime. You never know there could be hidden talents there!!!
    Lovely blog, and it would be lovely to see you at my blog - "Clover Cottage".

    Have a good weekend!

    Thecrafttrundler aka Sharon : )

  15. What a great idea and so simple. They look sooo good when they're cut up and finished. I think I feel a painting session coming on...

  16. How I wish that I could even begin to do something like that, I'm afraid me and painting just don't get on; your flowers are so pretty:)

  17. What a fantastic idea, I love it. Those flowers look so pretty against the colour washes.

  18. Hi Simone,
    Thanks for the inspiration to get into painting. I do have some paints there but I'm always so displeased with my efforts every time I try something so I generally stick to sewing!
    Your comments on Jacky-Ginge amused me, he really is a naughty cat! I see you have a lovely furry friend of your own.
    Hen xxx

  19. Hi Simone,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I have been reading through your posts, and I must say I love your artsy craftsy projects. Your latest post is inspiring me to dust off my paints and get artistic again after a year long break!! :)

    Gemma x x

  20. Love this, beautifully done, and brilliant idea.

  21. Really pretty paintings..well done! :D


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