Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Marvelous Marmalade

This is the first batch of marmalade I have ever made. I have enough to last me until the following year. I didn't even know that I liked marmalade until I tasted the results of my labour.

I had searched the Internet and various books for a good marmalade recipe but I couldn't find one I liked until I found this recipe. The difference between this recipe and the others I had seen was that in this one the fruit is poached before the insides are scooped out and the skin is chopped up.

After poaching and draining the oranges, the skins go all wrinkly and soft. It is then easy to slice the fruit in half and scoop out the flesh and the pips.

The skins are reserved to be cut into strips whilst the pith, flesh and pips are simmered with a little of the poaching liquid for 10 minutes and then strained through a muslin lined sieve.

The chopped orange skins are returned to the poaching water and the liquid from the fruit pulp is added too. The next day, sugar is added to the ingredients and the whole lot bubbles away on the hob for 2-3 hours.

The marmalade was potted up and lids went on whilst hot into sterilised jars. Now although this recipe was easy to follow it does take up time and concentration. It actually took me over 3 days to make as the first day was spent looking for my preserving pan, jam funnel etc etc. Luckily I already had a supply of jam jars, lids and labels stowed away. The second day I poached the fruit (3 hours) and did all the messy part and the third day I actually got around to making the marmalade (2 hours on hob) and potting it up.

The recipe came from 'The Wonderful Weekend Book'. This book is a joy to read and there are plenty of ideas to 'reclaim life's simple pleasures' one of which is making marmalade.


  1. Yum! I love marmalade. I have never made it though my mum made some last week too.

    Have you tried making bread and butter pudding with marmalade? Once you have you will never go back!


  2. Amazingly..laid out on my kitchen table are 12 jars,some oranges,a thermometer etc etc etc..along with my good intentions of doing this very thing..but crafting has taken over, so I think I might not get it done this week ;-)
    I bet yours tastes good !

  3. It looks yummy, I bet it tastes good!
    I really want to have a go now, I might try having a go at the weekend!

    Thanks for that…love Lou xxx

  4. I've never seen it made that way before.

    I'm waiting for my oranges to arrive and looking forward to making mine then. I know Mr Thrifty will want some chocolate orange cake once it's ready to be scoffed.

  5. That's interesting, I make a lot of preserves but I've never tried the whole fruit method. Would love to have a tasting session to see if it tastes any different. It looks lovely. V satisfying, having all those full jars lined up, don't you think?
    Hen x

  6. Delicious! And totally different to the way I make marmalade. Might have to try it. I love Elspeth's you know her blog?

  7. I've never made marmalade, I don't think that I am patient enough. I like the look of the book. I'm going to find that one in the shops.


  8. Homemade marmalade is fantastic - there's nothing like it. My hubby makes it, and I love it. Your jars look fab... you certainly made a lot.

  9. My mum used to do a lot of Jam, which I used to love a lot!
    Seeing your lovely jars of marmalade did brought back many happy and yummy memories!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Debbie Moss

    P.S - I also love your cross-stitching and cards!
    You are very C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E!

    By the way, we used to visit each other blogs, but somehow sadly we lost contact...

    P.P.S - I think I won a lovely magazine from you and I gave you some cards and gift tags in exchange???

  10. Mmmmm I love marmalade. Those jars look so pretty all lined up full of their amber nectar - I get a bit carried away when it comes to home made sweet stuff - can you tell?? I will have to go and search out that book now - it's cover looks amazing and retro!! :)

    Gemma x x

  11. Beautiful! Those jars look so luscious. I love marmalade...are you selling any??? I'll bet you are tickled pink with yourself...I would be!! By the way, sweet Simone...thank you so much for the lovely made this old lady's day!!!

  12. Oh doesn't marmalade look so beautiful with light shining through it? I was also inspired to make some after reading the article in CL mag, although actually i don't make marmalade but would truthfully make it just to marvel at the colour of it.
    That book is top of my wishlist, I've seen it a lot in Blogland, always with good reviews.
    Have a happy rest-of-week
    Love Lucexxxxxxxxxx

  13. Your marmalade looks wonderful, we will be making some soon. Last year we made loads but it still didn't last a whole year as we gave several jars aways as little thankyous. The book looks really interesting - I must see if I can find it at the library:)

  14. Thanks v much for the get well wishes, hope your cold is gone soon :(

    Your marmalade looks excellent. I saw some Seville oranges on the market this week and I wish I'd bought some now!

    mel xxx

  15. Looks lovely marmalade.

    Thanks for popping in to my blog - have added you to my faves so I will speak to you soon.


  16. I put the Wonderful Weeekend book on my Christmas wish list and it was the only book I didn't get. After seeing your row of beautiful marmalade I want to have it even more. Thanks for you good wishes when I was feeling low with a cold. From your comment you weren't too good yourself so hope you are ok. x

  17. Are those 'Seville' oranges? I'm gearing up for Marmalade day tomorrow. Thanks for posting. You've given me some ideas!

  18. It looks so delicious!! I'll be keeping an eye out for the book now :D

  19. How deeply satisfying it must be Simone to see all your beautiful jars of amber confection lined up like that!
    I must confess to not liking marmalade but it wouldn't stop me admiring your handiwork..
    Thank you so much for your welcome comment... lovely to know that you are still there!
    Michele xx

  20. Your jars look so tempting I love marmalade and you have spurred me on to make some, that's Monday sorted out!!

  21. mmm I so want to have a go at marmalade this year (along with the million and one other plans for the year). My mum used to make the most amazing jams when I was a child but neither of us have ever tackled marmalade - yet. Your jars look fab and I bet they taste even better than they look. Enjoy.


  22. Thanks for your nice words Simone about my quilt. And seeing your great looking marmalade has prompted me - I didn't realise it was Seville Orange season. I love marmalade and am going to make some too when I can find some in the shops! :0)

  23. Funny you posted this. I've been thinking of making marmalade. I've never made it before though so I'm searching for a good recipe. I wish I had your book.

  24. Your marmalade looks gorgeous ... there's nothing like homemade marmalade on warm bread, straight out of the oven!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I hope you're feeling better after the lurgy? Maybe you should settle down with a cuppa, some marmalade on toast and a quiet read of 'Tess'?!!

    Willow xx

  25. I have been thinking a lot about making marmalade these past few weeks but, unlike you, haven't got round to it. Seeing your gorgeous photos, I am sorely tempted to give it a go! Enjoy your marmalade

  26. I really want this you know...the lovely Elspeth came to my blog the other day and made a comment! I had to pinch myself, I was so surprised!!!!

  27. I've never tried making marmalade - never knew where to start and here you are with an excellent way of doing it!! I hope you enjoy your marvellous marmalade!

  28. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping on my blog! Your marmalade looks delicious! I haven't made mine yet - but will probably do so next weekend!
    I'm definitely going to have to buy the Wonderful Weekend Book - it sounds wonderful!!

  29. Hi
    I just came across your post about marmalade - I just posted myself about my first-time marmalade efforts! Your jars look much nicer than mine - all neat and the same size, but it shouldn't affect the taste, I guess. Hope you're enjoying the marmalade.


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