Monday, 2 February 2009

Wintery Scenes in the Garden

Gizmo peeping out into the winter wonderland.


Lots more icicles.

A view towards the back of the garden. There is a lawn somewhere under all that snow.

The bird feeders won't be doing a good job under those snowy caps. I'd better sort that out.

View from the back garden towards the front of the house.

Snowy covered shrubs around the borders.

Where has my garden furniture gone?!!!

The chairs do look rather pretty with their cushions of snow.

Gizmo taking a a leap into the soft fluffy stuff.


summerfete said...

Looks like you had more than us!
Love those icicles!


Judy said...

How pretty the snow is. The mountains has had lots of snow but we havne't had much down here.

MarmaladeRose said...

Fab photos, really like the icicles. Love the colour of the shoes. I'm sure you'll get notices in them! You sex kitten! Teehee!

Gem said...

Looks fab! We had a lot of snow too and I managed to smack my car into a wall skidding on the snow :( Luckily no-one was hurt and the car isn't too badly damaged :)
My little cats have been watching the snow although they are too little to go outside yet. Missy is fascinated by it!

Pixiedust said...

Brilliant. I love the one of Gizmo leaping, what a little sweetie. xxx

Louise Toller said...

I think you have more snow than we have in Edinburgh!

Shabby Chick said...

Those icicles are very cool, great piccy. Your cat's brave, the cat we had when I was growing up absolutely detested snow with a vengeance!

Mel xxx

periwinkle said...

quite a bit of snow we have there -- looks like good fun :-)
lisa x

lou said...

I love snow; you have had a lot more than us! :0(
Your shoes look fab, I would never be able to walk in them though, but I would give it a good go!
Love Lou xxx

pebbledash said...

You've got more than me...but it's a miracle I have any at all! Lovely pics, and I especially like Gizmo, and the contrast of his gingeriness against the white.
D x

MaryPoppins said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous photographs thank you for sharing them with us :)
I love Gizmo's leap, he looks a daring chap, or chapess

Thank you for sharing too your wonderful comments reagarding your blog, I guess you have sussed it, I find your blog very useful, useful in that you bring a beaming smile to my face, now Ms. Grove what could be more useful than that :)


Gina said...

Wow it sure is a wonderland!..gorgeous sites, love those's hard to imagine..and looks like heaven on our 40 deg C temps last week :D

Tillybud said...

wow the icicles are amazing and I love the snow cushions. so pretty! thanks for coming over to say hello.

Hen said...

What an adventurous kitty you have! Ours were having none of it and worryingly, I don't think they've been out for hours and hours! Your garden furniture looks very much like ours with its snow cushions and tablecloth!
Hen x

silverpebble said...

Lovely lovely pictures - icicles always make me excited - not sure why! I always wanted to see them as a little girl - I saw them as a real sign of winter. Emma x

Rosie said...

Wonderful photos - good for Gizmo, our cats won't go out in it for more than a few seconds. Have just cleared and topped up the bird feeders and table - lovely icicles - haven't seen any of those for ages:)

Tea with Willow said...

Gizmo is so brave! What an adventurer!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog - I feel so sad for you on losing your little chicken. It's quite heartbreaking. I've lost a couple over the years - the last was my Poppy, who was so feisty and full of character - I still miss her.

I can understand how much you miss chickens being around - the garden just seems to come to life with them in it, doesn't it?! Do you think you will get any more?

Willow x

Carol said...

the garden looks great with snow.
And icicles, now I had forgotten about them, they look great. I remember as a child licking the icicles.
Carol xx

Redwoodhouse said...

lovely pictures, Gizmo is very brave our cats are indoors curled up by the fire, he would match our dog Jenny very well as their coats look a very similar colour.

nimblejacks said...

fantastic icicles!!!!!!! And as for the shoes in the previous post I'd break my neck for sure!"!! I'm a flattie or boot wearer maybe I have a centre of gravity that refuses to let me balance in them!!!!Strutt your stuff:D

summerfete said...

I did wonder what tsv was, i thought it might be some giant veg seed!!

Sounds interesting though, cant wait to see the results.

I am also wishing feb away already, roll on spring!


Cowboys and Custard said...

Fabulous action shot of Gizmo!
Aren't cats so comical in the snow!?

Michele xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Thanks Simone for your lovely comment on my blog regarding my bookmark!
I truly enjoy reading your post below... and Your new attitude Rocks!
Keep it up!
You can do it, FOR SURE!
Also, I enjoyed seing the photos of your garden covered in snow!
I found two little birdies looking for food in my back garden, yesterday.
I think that because most of the food being frozen, they are quite desperate.
I added some apples today for them.
Debbie Moss

P.S- I have two Awards for YOU on my blog!

Ragged Roses said...

Woderful photos, doesn't snow transform everything, really magical. Gizmo is certainly adventurous! One of my cats was out all the time in the snow, the other sat cross legged by the back door waiting for a thaw!