Friday, 20 March 2009

The First Day of Spring

Today is a glorious first day of spring. The sky is cornflower blue and the air is fresh enough to blow away the cobwebs. Once a week I am giving myself an 'artists day'. This is a day where I go off on my own and do something I enjoy in order to get a bit of creative inspiration. Today I decided to have a walk to the other end of town (the pretty part) and take some photo's and soak up some creativity. The tree blossom is so pretty but short lasting.

This is a lovely walk by the river with some lovely little cottages.

This church spire seemed to go on for ever. I think I will go back there and have a closer look at the architecture and get some close up shots.

In the middle of this photo and slightly to the left is a little wooden gate. Oh how I would love to know what lies at the other side. The house on the right is one of a row of houses that back on to the river. If the residents go out of their back gates there is a couple of feet of land and then the river immediately in front of them. I stood and listened for a while. Not many people passed me by. I listened to the birds, watched the Canada geese drinking the river water and took in the moment.

Here are more beautiful blossom trees. Beautiful, really beautiful.
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  1. I had completely forgotten it was the first day of Spring - no wonder the weather is so glorious today! What a lovely walk and the photos you took are so charming and full of light and sunshiney happiness! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a gorgeous walk you had. The sky looks so blue, the water so bright and reflective and the blossoms are heavenly. You are right we really do have to appreciate them for the short spell they are with us
    Thankyou for your precious comments on my blog - they mean a lot to me.
    Hope you have a great weekend

  3. Beautiful photos, isn't it lovely to see some blue sky and sunshine!

  4. Just lovely, Simone..thanks for sharing your little walk with me...I enjoyed it!

  5. Oh I am so enjoying this sun at the moment. I spent the afternoon digging over the veggie patch. I keep saying to myself I need to make myself sketch more, keep a sketch book and I would like to do a sketch a day, to keep me in practise and make me look around myself more. Maybe I could start a new trend- Easter resolutions!
    That blossom is gorgeous!

  6. Thank you for sharing a beautiful walk and gorgeous pictures!
    I am loving the all this fantastic sun, I’m going to be really sad when it ends.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Simone…love Lou xxx

  7. Spring makes me feel so happy. I m going to don my wellies and walk along the canal at the back of our house tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.

  8. Lovely photos, Simone - what a super walk you had on the first day of spring - the trees are so pretty - I'm sure you have found lots of inspiration from all the things you saw:)

  9. Lovely photographs Simone! I wish I could take your walk, it looks beautiful where you live!
    Lovely colours on your painting too, I love watercolours dont you?!

    Love to you, happy spring!

    Julia xxx

  10. thank you for a lovely walk- I'd like to see whats behind the gate too .. I also wished the blossom lasted longer -- happy spring :-)
    lisa x

  11. i just realised there are geese on the little stream and asleep on the grass - lovely
    lisa x

  12. Friday was such a gorgeous day. Thanks for taking us on such a pretty walk.


  13. What gorgeous blossom SImone - so cheerful. Thanks again for the little cutters - they will be put to use to make pretty things - all I need is time!!!

  14. What lovely photos you take, and thankyou for your warm welcoming comment on my newbie blog x


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