Friday, 13 March 2009

A Fair Spring Fair

Today I went off on my annual jaunt to the Country Living Spring Fair in Islington, London. I thought that the £15.00 entry fee was a bit steep but I did get a goody bag including the above items.

I also got a couple of good catalogues.........................

...............a free cotton bag and two wonderful catalogues from a company I haven't heard of before. One was ethical clothing and the other was home wares.
I love this painting on the front cover.

Lots of lovely, colourful cushions inside.

Inspirational, outdoor scenes.

Fresh cool colours.

More lovely pictures to look at.

I didn't buy much at the fair. I was drawn to these printed cards by Sharon Blackman though. She makes lovely textile pictures from recycled fabrics.

I also bought these teeny weeny cookie cutter beads.

Here's a rather blurry shot to show just how small they are.

I thought these 100% cotton tea towels were a bargain at £10.00 for 3 packs of three.

They are generous in size as you can see here.

I may make an apron with one or two of them!

You can even use the webbing tape that is part of the packaging to make the apron 'strings' with!

Look! They are even big enough to make a full length apron!

Another apron shot taken artistically by my son (who I made quit his computer game in order to take the photos.)

Here the tea towel is folded over in half with the webbing tape placed between. I think there are loads of possibilities with these tea towels. They definitely were my bargain of the day.


silverpebble said...

Oh how lovely - I can't go so it's lovely to live vicariously through your trip. What gorgeous teatowels! Could you let me know the company name for those cutter beads Simone? These would be so useful for making my silverwork - thanks! Emma x

Sal said...

I didn't see those tea towels!
I didnt buy much at all..very good for me ;-)
I would've liked to have seen much more 'vintage'..nevertheless I enjoyed it !

cathleen said...

You sound happy and content, Simone. You look quite svelte too. Lovely tea towels equal lovely aprons. Have a comfy weekend, sweetheart!

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Simone

Thanks for showing us your pics! I think everything you bought was gorgeous, the tea towels are definitely a bargain and the cards are beautiful. Hope you had a good time there :)

Mel xxx

Amanda said...

Ooh I'm jealous it sounds like a wonderfl fair!! I love the idea of teatowel aprons and just couldn't stop giggling at the thought of you dragging your son away from his computer game to take pictures of them - Tim would have sighed very heavily had I done that to him and made a real scene about it all... and he's a grown man!!

Claire said...

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Tillybud said...

I too giggled at you getting your son to take the pics. lovely photo's though. I liked the front cover painting too.

Lace hearts said...

Yes, those tea towels are definitely a bargain and will make fab aprons. I'm so envious - I've never been able to make the fair. Am aiming to go at Christmas!

Louise T said...

I love the cookie cutter beads! And the tea towels too. Now I want a stripy apron...

Rosie said...

Looks like you had a good day. The tea towels were a bargain - what a lot of super things you brought back with you:)

Lyn said...

I wish I could of gone, sounds Like I may of spent too much-I am suppose to be not spending this YEAR!
Anyway, you seem to have found some interesting inspiration anyway.

Carol said...

Hi Simone,
those cookie cutters are so cute, you could make wee chocolates or sweeties with those.
Good idea to make an apron from the tea towel.
I went to the Fair on Sat, I did enjoy it. I find looking at some of the punters fun too, what they wear is interesting - some of the girls on the stalls looked fab, so vintagey!
I bought a table cloth and large tea towel come hand towel, a tin Bird and Heart! more hearts.....and a little cuble game to teach the alphabet to the boys, did you see those little cube games? they are brilliant.
I would have like to have bought a small vintage wall cupboard, but it was getting it home on the tube put me off!
It was a good day out.
Carol xx

lou said...

Hi Simone, I love the bits you got; I wish I had gone now!
I hope the pond is coming along well, I’m off into the garden today the sun is lovely out there.
Thanks for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx

funkymonkey said...

Hi Simone, I've just popped over to say that you've won my giveaway. If you could let me have your address again I'll get it in the post for you by the end of this week. My e-mail is

sumea said...

I particularly like the catalogue's and the little cookie cutters (so cute!)
Lucky you :o)

Judy said...

I love the dishtowels and what a great apron they make. Your catalog's look great, I love the cover on that one too.

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cookie cutter beads!!... but I still keep thinking about those shoes... LOL! Take a peek at my March 15 entry if you get a chance!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Simone
It is so interesting to see what different folk brought back from the fair.. I didn't see those tea towels either or the wonderful Gudrun clothing company.. though I have got their catalogue that is brimming with beautiful colours..
It would be wonderful to have the place to oneself.. just to do a mad trolley dash for 5 mins!
Michele xx

sumea said...

Hi Simone
Lovely to see you over at mine this morning. How's the artwork coming on? will be popping across to mutantrees to check now and then.
Hope you have a wonderful day

Julia said...

Ooooooooooh you went to the fair!!
I wish Id been able to go this time, but never mind, your lovely photos more than made up for it!

Glad you enjoyed yourself, off to take a peep at your new arty blog!

See you soon, love Julia xxxx

Rosie said...

I love the cookie cutter beads. Wished I had been to the CL fair looks like it as enjoyable.

OhSoVintage said...

I went several years ago and would love to go again. Those tiny cookie cutters are gorgeous and the tea towels a real bargain.

this is my patch said...

So glad you enjoyed your jaunt Simone. The possibilities are endless with your bargain teatowels! x