Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Blog on the Block

Today, out of nowhere, I decided to start up a new blog. It will be more focused on the arts/crafts/creative side of my life. I will however keep blogging here too. If you want to go and have a peek then my new blog is called Mutant Trees and if you click on the name up in the right hand corner it will take you there.


Sal said...

How exciting,Simone!! I can't wait to read it ..just my thing! ;-)

louise said...

I am discovering more creativy in myself through my blogging. I cannot draw, paint, sew, knit or crochet, but I can be creative in other ways, ie gardening, writing, cookery, photography etc. Such a great idea to have a separate blog for your talents Simone. x

Lyn said...

Well I will be popping over to see you then!

Carol said...

Hi Simone, I will be off then to have a peep!

Good luck with the new blog.
Carol xxx

sumea said...

Just popping over to see the new blog. I love this existing one, it will be exiting to see the new one!
Best of Luck xx

cathleen said...

Lovely daffs...I just visited your new blog...will be interesting to see what you have inside you to burst forth in artisitic bloom. Good luck, Simone!

Tillybud said...

Go you! I shall certainly pay you a visit.

Ragged Roses said...

Just off to have a peep ..