Monday, 9 March 2009


For many years I have read/collected self help/improvement and creative lifestyle books. Each time I get a new book I think - this is it. This book will change my life. They don't. In order to change my life I have to be willing to change myself and so far I have been reluctant to do so for reasons that evade me. Maybe I quite like me and don't see any reason to change after all these years! One very good piece of advice that I did pick up though was from a website that I discovered last year that recommends keeping a gratitude journal. Each night before lights go out I write 5 good things about my day. 5 things to be grateful for. I have been doing this now since October last year and I find so much in my day to be grateful for. Sometimes the things are mundane such as 'I am grateful for finishing the pile of ironing' or it might be about receiving nice comments from bloggers. I have found that by focusing my attention on the good things in my life the good things get bigger and the not so good things seem to diminish. It is also a good thing to do just before bed as you go to sleep on a positive note. I am still on a quest for the ultimate book on self improvement/discovery though! Can you recommend any to me?


  1. Hi Simone

    The gratitude journal sounds like a great idea. I really must try to see the positive side more. I don't think I've ever read a self help book so I'm afraid I am no help there!

    Mel xxx

  2. I like the idea of the journal. I find it so easy to overlook anything positive and just spend time worrying about what's gone wrong.


  3. That is a good idea. We all have so much to be thankful for and tend to focus on negative issues.

  4. I too have bought self-help books in the past and rarely do they change your life. I like the possitive thoughts before bed though, I think I could manage that!
    We all have so many things to be grateful for they just sometimes get lost in amongst the late buses, bad drivers, broken promises, huge tax bills etc...
    Keep smiling!

  5. hi Simone
    I've not ever read a book of this type, well I think the nearest ive come is reading Dawna Walters Life Laundry book about de-cluttering.
    I think focusing on positive things is good and writing them down even better.

    I think Elspeths Weekend book has a lot in it that makes me feel positive and determined to make better use of my time/life/family, I love her outlook on life, did you enjoy her book? I'm only about half way through reading but am loving it.

    Hope you find some way to reassure yourself that your life/soul is great the way it is and maybe no need to search so much?


  6. What is it that you want to improve though? I’m afraid I blame the media for many things. They so often give the impression that everyone out there is having a fantastic and fun filled life, which is what makes many people believe their life to be very humdrum and unexciting, when the truth of the matter is that life IS mostly humdrum and unexciting for most of us, with occasional fun and exciting bits thrown in!! I was seriously ill just over 10 years ago and that was my biggest lesson in learning to appreciate what I have in life and the fabulous friends and family I have – money beyond basic comforts means nothing – apart, of course, for the necessary loot for buying fabric etc!!! LOL. Throw those books away, or at least put them where you can’t see them anymore – you don’t need them :0)

  7. I have never looked at one of those books before!
    I love your idea of writing positive thoughts down before bed.
    Love Lou xxx

  8. ...this sounds like a good idea but I know I would do it for a while and then give up. My mother has written the weather in a diary for more years that I can remember, nothing else just what the weather was like that day!!!
    I would be very every grateful if someone else would come and do my enormous pi;e of ironing.....

  9. I can't really help on this one but I can tell you that last year when my neighbour was going through a few problems she found solace and comfort in an audio CD of a book called 'Your can heal your life' by Louise Hay, this was recommended to her by one of her friends who does Reiki and Indian Massage.

    It is a good idea to write down positive things that have happened each day - I might try it as I have a tendancy to reflect on the negative things that have happened and completely miss the positive ones:)

  10. I have quite a few self-confidence and assertiveness books. The one I take off the shelf every so often is called Being Happy! by Andrew Matthews. Many years ago I found it at a jumble sale. I like it because it is written in simple terms and not medical jargon. x

  11. I try and think too about things I have to be grateful for - it really has helped me, and definitely is good to focus on for just a little while every day. Positive thinking does result in positive outlook, methinks. x

  12. I've read lots of books self improvement/discovery and discovered there is no ultimate book. I've tried lots of different things to help massages, reiki, reflexology, yoga they gave me a quick fix. I do like the idea of writing 5 things to be grateful for and I think that is something we all should do. I'll start tonight. I hope my new kitty is as adorable as Gizmo he looks lovely.x

  13. Hello!

    I reckon you have the best idea with the gratitude journal - its a really good way to focus on the good stuff, and doing that Ive found seems to bring more good stuff...
    Lovely blog, happy to have found you

    With love
    Julia xxx

  14. Hi Simone! I have been doing this for quite some time now, first hearing about the idea from Oprah! I have found it WORKS for me!! It trains me, if not reminds me to think positively!! Sometimes I fall off track and forget to write in it, but when I see myself feeling low, I remember I better get writing in that journal at night again! I highly recommend it to everyone, and am glad to hear you do it too!


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