Thursday, 30 April 2009

My New Favourite Flower

I have never taken much notice of the Lily of the Valley flowering in my garden. It grows in a dark, neglected spot along with the holly and yew trees and newly forming honeysuckle.

Today I was struck by how much it had spread along that cold dark, neglected spot and I declared to myself that I like it even more than snowdrops! I picked a small bunch to take along to my art class so that I could work in perfumed air.

As of today my favourite flower is Lily of the Valley. It is resilient to poor conditions, is delicately scented, has magnificent leaves and tiny waxy fairy cap flower heads and is just beautiful. I dedicate this beautiful flower to all of the people that commented on my poem. I know that poems aren't everyone's cup of tea and this won't turn into a poetry blog but from time to time it is what I do. If you would like to see what else I do then I have just updated my other blog mutant trees. Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!


cathleen said...

Oh Simone!!! Lily-of-the-valley is my all time favorite flower. Well, maybe, a tie with lilacs! Mine are almost ready to bloom too. The fragrance is divine and I love putting a little vase of them beside my bed at night for sweet dreams.

KC'sCourt! said...

I love Lily of the Valley, it was my mums favourite flower too, and I bought some to grow in my garden in rememberance of her.

Sal said...

I love Lily of the Valley too..I don't have any in my garden so I must put that right!
Gorgeous pictures!

Carol said...

I too love this beautiful little flower. It was the flower I wanted on my wedding day, everywhere.
I do have some in my garden, I have just remembered....but I have an awfal feeling that it may be under my new wall!
The white and the green look so good together, I really do love green and white flower displays.
Carol x

pebbledash said...

Love the scent of lily of the valley...and it does seem to thrive in those awkward places.

lou said...

It is one of my favourite flowers Simone; I have got some indoors at the moment!
Your poem had me in tears, I could really relate to it, It was so BEAUTIFUL.
Have a lovely weekend…love Lou xxx

Rosie said...

I'm a Lily of the Valley fan too - they are so beautiful - I have one little plant that soldiers on behind the shed under the trees but it doesn't seem to want to spread - I wish it would. Love your photos:)

louise said...

I have lily in the valley in my garden, and yes it does spread, not that I mind. The flower and scent will always remind me of my Mum. It was a favourite of hers, and now mine. x

skippinginthemeadow said...

Your Lily of the Valley is beautiful, it is one of the very loveliest flowers.
In one book I read it was descibed as the symbol for 'The return of Happiness'.

Judy Hartman said...

I've always loved this flower. I used to live near some beautiful woods, and thought of Lily of the Valley as being a shy little flower whose fragrance announced its presence even before it was seen. These photos are beautiful!
Have a lovely weekend, Lyn!

Rosie said...

I love Lily of the Valley it reminds me of my grandparents garden. They had a beautiful cottage garden and next to the Lily of the Valley grew lots of bluebells. Thanks for the photo's

Tillybud said...

I used to have it before we knocked down an old pond wall - I'd forgotten how much i used to love it. Your poem was just amazing.

sweetmyrtle said...

such a pretty little flower and so sweet smelling too.

silverpebble said...

They smell so heavenly don't they? Theyir shapes are stunning too - tiny bells xx

Judy said...

I love Lilly of the Valley. They are so pretty and danty. Have a great weekend.

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you had a good Bank Holiday too. I love Lily of the Valley, it's scent is beautiful. They always remind me of beautiful vintage beauty products packaging.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hello Simone
Many thanks for your lovely, lovely, warm comments on my blog
Hope to see you here and at Mutant Trees again soon

p.s. how is your marvelously majestic feline companion ? I miss am missing him =^.^ =

Gina said...

It's so beautiful..and must be so nice to have it thriving..even more to bring inside now! Gx