Monday, 18 May 2009

Friendship Doll

When I started this blog it was mainly going to be a showcase for all the crafty projects that I do. I don't know how it happened but somehow I got sidetracked into reading and commenting on other people's blogs leaving me little time for crafting!

I hastily made this friendship doll on Saturday evening determined that I would get some crafting done. She is a prototype and there is definitely room for improvement. She is entirely sewn by hand and I embroidered her little face without drawing it on first and the word 'friend' on the front too.

This is what she looks like from the side view. She is backed with woollen felt and her face is made with a tiny piece of a recycled woollen blanket. There are heaps of friendship dolls on the Internet and I think one of the most famous people for making them is a lady called Dot who 'Dotee Dolls' are named after. She can be found here.


  1. I've never seen friendship dolls before -- for some reason I can't click on your link :-(
    lisa x

  2. Hi Lisa! The link should be ok now.x

  3. It's a lovely idea!I'll check the link when I have my next cuppa!!

  4. I've not seen these dolls either. I look forward to seeing you make more.


  5. hi simone just wanted to say thank you for keeping me company at pomegranate Dreams. I will still visit both your blogs - i love your writing and pics! xxx

  6. Hi Simone! These look like they would be fun to make!!.. I went to Dot's, and I loved the little birds she made. They reminded me of a woman in the neighborhood I grew up in when I was a little girl. She was so nice to me, like a grandmother.. I remember her making little felt birds like these.. I don't know whatever happened to the one she made me, but I wish I still had it. She'd be just as tickled if I made my own now, I'm sure.. I'll have to do that. (0;

  7. Your friendship doll is so very sweet.

  8. That is a lovely idea. I love little things like this, they are so special. Dotee Dolls, how brill having them named after you.
    I think you have been led just a little astry by blogging then!

  9. She is really cute, I've not heard of those before! I know what you mean about the crafting, somehow the blogging ends up coming first!

    Mel xxx

  10. I am so with you on the blogging thing, I must finish some of my craft off.
    The friendship doll is so sweet!
    Love Lou xxx

  11. I feel as if I'm spending too much time on the computer at the moment what with blogging and family history my only excuse is that the rain is stopping me working in the garden at the moment but there are plenty of other things I could be doing in the house! I've never seen the friendship dolls before:)

  12. She's cute! I like the name "friendship dolls"!

  13. What a lovely idea!! Glad you found an ounce of discipline to get her made shes a delight!! :)
    Ive been a terror this week, reading blogs of an evening instead of relaxing or crocheting or whatever...


    theres a little award for you on my blog, please stop by at your lesiure to collect it, but dont dawdle - you have Craft Things to be doing!!! - much more important heehee!! :)

    With love
    Julia xxx

  14. That's such a sweet idea, she's really cute. Glad you are getting back into crafing

  15. I've heard about these dolls, thanks for the link, I'll go and take a peep. Yours is absolutely lovely, glad you found time to enjoy your crafting

  16. She's a little cutie pie, Simone.

  17. What a sweet, holdable friendship doll! Very comforting with the fleece on the back! You've inspired me to try one soon!
    Lovely, Simone.


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