Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Mixed Bag

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag hence the title of the post. My peonies reached peak perfection.

We discovered this Dragonfly Sanctuary whilst on route for somewhere else.

If you click on the photo above you will see an electric blue dragonfly in the centre of the picture.

The views were stunning but you cannot tell the scale of this meadow by the photo.

A view down the stream.

Open space that just goes on and on.................

A family of ducks protected within the confines of the sanctuary.

Back home I have had some weird and wonderful wildlife in the garden such as the strange caterpillar above.

We have had many of these butterflies visit this week.

I haven't a clue what this is going to turn in to but it is very pretty in fashionable stripes!

This creature always features somewhere in the garden.

I've been busy painting creatures too.

A well-loved toy cat......

............and a curious pair of chickens.


  1. Gorgeous photos - your peony is so pretty - love the photo of the stream and the dragonfly as well as the one of Gizmo:) I wonder what kind of butterfly the caterpillars will turn into?

  2. what a gorgeous sanctuary..I wanna live there to! your peony is stunning! :)

  3. What a great post, Simone - a little bit of everything!
    Love your paintings, photos and - that peony is breathtaking! The scenery and meadows make me want to spend a day in the countryside!

  4. I still say you could do a childrens book! go on have a try, your paintings have such character.
    PS The meadow looks like it should be used to lie down in or at least have a picnic in!

  5. I just love those pretty paintings.

  6. I always love to see dragonflies in the garden, and would like to get to visit the dragonfly sanctuary. The meadow must be fantastic for wildlife too. I am no expert with caterpillars but I do know the butterfly is a Painted Lady. Apparently we have mega numbers migrating over this year. I have lots of pairs fluttering around in my garden too. Your peonies are a picture, mine still haven't flowered! I like the photo of Gizmo amongst the undergrowth, he looks very soft and cuddly, and cute. Your cards are great, I especially like the curious chickens. x

  7. Those peonies are beautiful ... and what a great discovery with the nature reserve. I love the painting of the chickens - you have captured their perky shape perfectly!!

    Thanks for your kind comment about Honey ... yes, she's doing so well considering we didn't expect her to still be with us by now! At least she's living out her days in the sunshine with some new friends. I think it has helped her, being part of a flock again.

    Willow x

  8. Naturally, I'm going to look for the Dragonfly Sanctuary! I love the butterflies and caterpillers too.
    Oh, and the hen painting...
    Oh, and the peonies!

  9. Simone :o) your photographs and artworks are glorious! each and every one. What a delight it has been coming here today and seeing all these riches. I love your peony, it's a beauty, but all these shots are so beautiful and the chickens are cute,I would snap them up like a shot if they were cards in a shop, have you thought of printing and selling any, or do you prefer just to do for enjoyement? anyway, they are great!

  10. beautiful peonies, ours keeps falling over, keep propping them back up!! and ive picked a few!!
    felicity xx

  11. Beautiful photos Simone! We have had hundreds of those butterflies visiting us this week, the whole road was swarming with them the other day, what a wonderful sight! Not sure about the caterpillar, don't touch it if it's hairy, they can give you a nasty rash.
    I love your cards the designs are really lovely.

  12. Your paint work is beautiful!!!

    I enjoyed every min of that post, your pictures were gorgeous, I love watching dragonflies.

    Love Lou xxx

  13. What a sweet post, Simone...between your wonderful photos and your are quite talented...and that peony...well...what can I say about such a beauty?

  14. Lovely photo's and what a fabulous paintings. What a talented lady you are. x

  15. What beautiful photographs, so restful and I must say how much I like your paintings, I could see them being little theres a thought!

    Hope you are well, love and sunshine

    Julia xxx

  16. The caterpillar with the yellow spots , we had dozens of those , they got everywhere including in the house and they turned into little brown moths so keep an eye out for them,,,

  17. Hi Simone! Love the cats, and chickens, and dragonfly, etc... BEAUTIFUL pictures, all of them!

  18. Beautiful pictures. I had dragonflies around our pond last year, there is something rather special about them, fairylike.
    Your paintings are lovely too Simone, they would be great on greeting cards.

  19. simone, I think the chicken apointing is fab!!! And did you work out what the wierd alien like caterpillar would turn 2 are dying to know

  20. Gizmo is such a little cutie :) Looks like you had a lovely day at the dragonfly sanctuary, I love dragonflies :) xx


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