Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Christmas Fairy

What adorns the top of your Christmas tree? For some it is the star and for others an angel but for me it has to be a fairy. When I was a child, my sister and I had a fairy each. My sister had a plastic fairy doll that looked like a baby with huge glittered Micky Mouse style ears. My doll was a little more refined with her plastic sculpted hair and 1950's style dress!

Each year our dolls took it in turn to be top of the tree and each year there were arguments of whose turn it was! If your fairy didn't make the top of the tree that year then it was placed a little further down the tree. Every so often our dolls would acquire new costumes usually fashioned from white crepe paper and a touch of glitter!

I have had the fairy above for a few years now. She is a modern porcelain fairy and has poseable arms and legs. I think she is just as a tree top fairy should be. She is tiny and delicate and really looks like she could fly up to the tree and pose on the top. When I was small I imagined that at night the fairys would unhook themselves from the branches and fly Tinkerbell style around the room. Oh to be that child again.


  1. I have a star on our big real tree but we have a little tree in the dining room with an angel on top.
    Love your fairy, she is posh looking!

  2. ...i think that child is still in there simone!
    she is a sweet fairy.

  3. I have a fairy at the top of the tree!

  4. So sweet - and nice now that you are all grown up you can have your fairy at the top every year!!

  5. What a beautiful dainty fairy! And of course they fly around at night - they tweak the decorations and make sure everything is 'just so'

  6. I have always loved to put a fairy on the top of my tree..but a couple of years ago my fairy fell to bits..I think it was one that my daughter had made years ago.
    Anyway,I saw this lovely little vintage fairy on Etsy, recently...and am awaiting its arrival as I type!
    (And I am ready with the camera too!)

  7. When I was a child we always had a fairy - I remember her well - her gown was made with white feathers and she was very soft to touch - I remember placing her on the top of the tree. Now I have a big red velvet bow which sits on top of our tree:)

  8. At the moment the top of our tree is bare!!

    It's the first christmas tree we've had as a couple so we've had to buy all our decorations and somehow we forgot about something for the top.

    I'm keeping my eyes peeled at the moment to see what I can find.

  9. Oh, I have a son - so it has to be a star on the top of our tree. Perhaps he won't notice if I sneak in a little tulle dressed fairy but then again, he probably will. Loving your snowy blog.


  10. I always adorn the top of our tree with a fairy. I can imagine yours gets wrapped up very carefully each year. That little girl never disappears in us Simone. Keep believing in those fairies. x

  11. i think i still am that child, especially at christmas! this year whilst putting our fairy on top joshy said in all his four year old wisdom your meant to have a star mummy! fliss xx

  12. She is beautiful Simone and I think the fairies get together to party! x

  13. She is a pretty little fairy! We have a star on top our tree. Hey, did you know it's snowing on your blog? Just kidding...I love it!!!


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