Friday, 4 December 2009

Frosty Lemony Cake for Christmas

Look at the lemony sugary crust on top of the cake.

Do you think it resembles frost?

A frosty topped cake for a frosty day.
A beautiful, light as a fairy, cake.

A very moreish cake that twinkles in the light.

An enticing, magical looking cake. Not just for Christmas but an all year round cake. It deserves a more befitting name than lemon Drizzle cake!

I found it on Nigella's website. (The link is not working!) I will be returning.

I received my first Christmas presents last week. They flew all the way from Italy!

Thank you Michela. They were they best sweets I have ever had! x


ginny said...

mmmm looks very frosty to me and i bet it tastes delicious.

Michela said...

You're most welcome Simone! Your cake looks sublime..this evening my Blogger dashboard seems to be plenty of food..perhaps is it a conspiracy?!
Have a lovely weekend :)

KC'sCourt! said...

Yummy - may I have a slice?

Rosie said...

mm - looks a gorgeous cake, Simone - and what lovely gifts you have had from Michela:)

louise said...

I really love how Christmassy your Lemon Drizzle topping has turned out. I'd much rather have this cake to a Yule Log! x