Monday, 18 January 2010

Goal Number 2

I have been looking at a book called 50 Artists you should know. In the book I read that Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother that 'you learn by working' and 'you become a painter by painting'.

At the moment I paint for a short period of time during a two hour lesson once a week. By the time the tutor has explained the object of the lesson there is barely enough time to put paint to paper.

I am going to take on board the wise words of Mr van Gogh and become a painter by painting.

My goal is to paint (or draw) everyday. This goal may be out of reach but I am going to aspire to it anyway!


Felicity said...

Hi Simone
thank you for your kind comment, its really meant a lot how kind every one has been.
i used to love painting but dont do it much now, i used to keep a little sketch book and watercolour set in my bag! good luck with your painting. fliss xx

Mrs. Mike said...

Excellent choice, Simone. Learning happens by doing. Sure, it can come from study, reading, tutorialship, but love that jumping in with both feet!

Way to go!

Sal said...

Hi Simone!
It's a good idea to have such a goal..I look forward to seeing what you do as painting is not something I enjoy that much! ;-)

Petit Filoux said...

As long as you put the effort into it, you're bound to achieve something you're proud of! And they always say, practice makes perfect!

KC'sCourt! said...

I wish I could paint like you, your paintings are wonderful.

Julia said...

I think this is wonderful!! No better way to learn! :)

Love Julia x x x

Rosie said...

An excellent way to learn and a good goal to have. I hope you feel able to share some of your work with us:)

Ali said...

What a fantastic idea - I am so wedded to the idea of developing a daily habit.

Judy Hartman said...

I think your work is wonderful, Simone, but i do remember an art professor saying something like that many years ago. I think it's true of anything - practice, practice, practice!

cathleen said...

Lovely goal, Simone. You have such a sweet talent. I really look forward to seeing some of your paintings over at Mutant Trees.

lou said...

You should make the most of your talent…good luck with it Simone.

I’ve got my orders all done now, so I will be posting your parcel on Monday. Fingers crossed for this one arriving safely.

Love Lou xxx

skippinginthemeadow said...

A Lovely goal to aspire too. Lovely for us to if we get to view aome of these works :o)
I am somehow realated (can't remember how) to Vincent Van Gogh on my mother's side of the family (they are Dutch). I do love his art very much, I did a little tribute painting for him once. I don't have a scanner, but maybe I could photograph it and share it with You.
I have been enjoying Your artworks on Your other blog very much, your work has a lovely energy and mutant trees is one of my favourite galleries. It is always exciting when You share something new with us.

Hugs xx


p.s. I will be baking a cake this Friday (for Simone's Friday cake bake), but will not be blogging about it until next week, as I am quite busy with some major refurbishments going one here at the moment (Thankfully they have have almost finished).

Teresa said...

Thanks... I needed that reminder! I have a quote taped to my monitor, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." ~Aristotle