Monday, 25 January 2010

A Head in the Bed

A head in the bed
A head in the bed
All you can see is a head in the bed

With covers pulled up to her chin
All you can see is a head in the bed

They wake her to move her
To wash and to feed her
And then they tuck in the head in the bed

She used to grow flowers
And never sit still
Back in the old days, before she got ill

Now all they see is a head in the bed
They wash her and move her
And make sure she's fed

Written by Simone 25 January 2010

This poem is written with regards to an elderly relative who resides in a care home.


Michela said...

That's such a kind thought of you Simone. Unfortunately we can't do anything against illness and oldness. xxx

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely poem.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Simone.. It can be difficult to watch someone you love grow old sometimes. It seems a shame, that not everyone can tell at a glance what a remarkable person once radiated from this body now confined to a bed. ~tina

Lyn said...

sad but a lovely poem.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Oh Simone - it's Wonderful! Sad of course, but Wonderful. Reminds me of my poor Nan - she was always so bright and energetic, she did not enjoy her last months of being dependant on others and eventualy bedridden. Your poem says it all, I am so grateful to have read it.
Years ago I worked with a patient with CJD he was only 26 and all around his hospital room where large photographs his parents had put up of his life from childhood. He had done so much in his short life and anyone entering the room got to know something about the amazing young man he was.

It's a really good poem xxx


skippinginthemeadow said...

I meant to add a (((HUGE HUG))) to the end of my last comment.....was just so awestruck by your poem xxx

Dragonfly said...

Very moving and very brave of you for sharing.

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Simone

You are such a talented writer! It terrifies me to think of the day when I change from being a person to just a "head in a bed" who is talked to like a child and presumed to have no feelings :(

Hope you are OK xxxx

Julia said...

Your poem is very moving, and paints a very vivid picture that is laced with frailty and weariness which illness inevitably brings to the elderly.

Hope you are feeling better yourself and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, much love
Julia x x x

Rosie said...

An excellent piece of writing. It is thought provoking and so sad. x

periwinkle said...

very apt .

cathleen said...

I wake up at night in fear that I only have a few more years until this is where I am. And who will take care of my flowers then? Did you read my mind one night? Where do you get your wonderful insights? Aside from my fears, Simone, this really is a lovely, real-life poem. Is a small volume of Linden Grove poems in the works?Seriously, Simone, you should go for it.

Judy Hartman said...

How sad and reflective, Simone. I have witnessed this personally and it's hard indeed.