Monday, 22 February 2010

Dragon Fruit

Whilst walking around the supermarket today I was on the look out for some exotic looking fruit and vegetables. I then saw these delightful looking cerise pink and lime green dragon fruits and immediately put them in the basket.

When I reached the checkout the assistant informed me that she had to hurry up otherwise she might have an accident and end up sitting in a puddle of water! She then noticed the dragon fruit.

'What are they?' She asked.

'They are called dragon fruit' I replied. '

Hey Mary! have you seen these?' She shouted across to a supervisor several aisles away.

'Yes! What is she going to do with them?'

'What are you going to do with them?' the checkout lady asked me.

'I am going to paint them'.

There was stunned silence.

'She's going to paint them Mary'.

'What for?' said Mary.

'That's what I wanted to know' replied the checkout lady.

'What do you want to paint them for?' asked Mary.

'Because I want to. Because I paint.'

I felt such a fool because I couldn't find the words to explain to them or justify why I wanted to paint them.

This conversation went on for quite a while longer with them both interrogating me about how long had I been painting for, was I good at painting at school, how did I display my paintings, did I find painting relaxing etc etc.,

The conversation eventually dried up once I had paid the bill and informed the checkout lady that she had better hurry up in case she didn't make it to the toilet! Mary then came over, shut the aisle off with a chain across it and we went our separate ways.


  1. LOL!
    What fun can be had at supermarket check outs!!
    The friut looks fab..can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. What a funny tale, it's the sort of thing that will make you chuckle all evening. I am looking forward to seeing the painting!

  3. That's the English language for you!
    What a wonderful colour - after you have "painted" it will you tell us what it tasted like?

  4. Oh, those funny little passions we own, that when we're questioned about them, conversation falls flat because there are few or no words to describe how our passion is expressed or executed.
    Enjoy that beautiful fruit! We girls like to eat it dried. Great snack when you're through using them for their aesthetic appearance!

  5. What lovely coloured fruit. EWnjoying painting and eating them :)

  6. Oh brilliant, you can't make these things up!!

  7. Another busybody/nosey parker lady!
    They look like pretty artichokes! xxx

  8. Oooh - these are my faves. I eat them like mad when I'm in Vietnam. I've done a few posts on them on my blog :-) I'm even trying to grow 2 varieties at home (its not something that usually grown in Australia).
    Enjoy your dragonfruits!!

  9. What a funny conversation at the market! Obviously these ladies are not artists!
    I have never seen this kind of fruit, but I'm sure they will make a fabulous painting!

  10. Thta would have made me uncomfortable too Simone. How odd it is when people don't get what you do. Good luck with the painting x

  11. Dragon fruits could win an award for best looking fruit. However they don't taste anywhere near as good as they look!

  12. Will be fascinated to see what you come up with. Poor ladies, they seem to have been a bit bemused by the whole thing - and obviously very interested, I guess if you're stuck on a check-out all day it help if you keep interested in what's going on around you!

  13. Great story - you probably brightened their day with something different to think and talk about! They are a super colour very like the wool in your side picture - I hope you will share your painting with us:)

  14. What a classic conversation - I love it!!

    I love the look of dragon fruit, but was disappointed when I realised the inside was white and black and not half as tasty as I expected :o( I'm glad you chose to paint yours and make the most of them!!

    As for the clay pigeon-shooting... way to go you!

  15. heehee You certainly know how to intrigue people ;o)

  16. Maybe their first thought was you were going to paint THEM! I am sure your conversation went a long way in breaking up the monotony of their day. Don't you just love it when the cashier comments on what's going through the till with, I haven't seen those before, and that looks nice. Always when you're in a bit of a rush too! x


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