Friday, 5 February 2010

Simone's Friday Cake Bake No. 4

Today's offering is the classic Swiss roll. The whole thing was made from start to finish in 45 minutes including just 8 minutes baking time! Although the cake is fairly simple to make, preparation is the key to this recipe. You need to have a damp tea towel or sugar coated greaseproof paper ready spread out on the counter top. The flour needs to be warmed up and the jam needs to warm up in a basin over boiling water. Talk about multi-tasking!!!

Once the cake is cooked, it is turned out immediately, upside down onto the tea towel/paper and the paper that lined the tin is carefully peeled off. The sides are trimmed and warmed up jam is spread out evenly across the cake. Now for the fun bit: grabbing the end of the tea towel/paper you gradually lift it up with the sponge, curling the sponge over onto itself. Hold for a few seconds then roll another part of the cake and so on until it is completely rolled up. Trim the ends and dredge with sugar.

Eat all the trimmings with a cup of tea whilst you tidy up the mess!

I decided to delete yesterdays post. I am glad that I got the negativity off my chest and felt able to move on. Thank you so much to my bloggy friends who never fail to come up with useful tips and suggestions and generous comments. Your friendship and support means a lot to me.

I hope you all have a lovely inspiring weekend. I don't think the Swiss roll will last long so I think I may need to make cake bake number 5 this weekend! x


Dragonfly said...

Wow! That looks amazing! I've never tried to make one myself - you've inspired me.

Michela said...

Ooooooooooooooh!Today's offering is just superb!
So glad you're feeling a bit better and are in your super-baking mood!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend! xx

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, Simone.. This looks so GOOD!!.. I've always been afraid to try these roll up cakes because I'm afraid they'll fall apart on me. I do remember my mother making pumpkin roll cakes, sometimes. I'm going to try my hand at making a superbowl cake sometime tomorrow! If it comes out good.. AND if my camera takes a decent picture of it.. Then I'll post about it at some point! I think I'm going to make cookies today! ((hugs)) ~tina

Teresa said...

Oh, Simone... how could you? ! ! :-)

I have such a sweet tooth... and I'm trying SO hard to behave!

Looks wonderful..hope you're feeling better and getting out of the doldrums... seems to be going around- I've noticed quite a few bloggers (myself included) who are fighting the "blahs".

periwinkle said...

save me some please ?

Rosie said...

Mmm - that looks so good, Simone - I've just posted about my slightly burnt offering!:)

For Your Consideration said...

I gained 5 lbs. from just reading this post!!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Ooooooooh! Swiss Roll one of my favourites. Can I come and try yours, my fruit sank in my cake!

Lyn said...

Oh might just have to make one of those this weekend! thanks for the idea!

Ali said...

That reminds me of cookery at school - I can remember baking swiss roll, every week for a term I think (it was the only thing I could do!) - mind you I dont think I could roll it as good as that!!

Julia said...

Simone, that is the most amazing swiss roll Ive seen in my life! My mum used to make these when I was little and I used to watch her getting quite cross as she rolled it and it cracked (oops - I hope she wont mind me telling you that!!)

Anyway, proper job - well done!!

Julia x x x

cathleen said...

Oh, my, Simone...I am loving your baking Fridays. Hope you are okay...I missed your deleted post. Do I have to come over there and make sure you are okay???

Petit Filoux said...

Hum I seemed to have missed that deleted post - hope you're ok anyway
that cake looks seriously yummy - as usual! x

louise said...

I haven't made a swissroll since school. My home economics teacher would have given yours 10 out of 10. It's fab. x

Juanita Tortilla said...

Wow -- a cake every Friday!

Thank goodness you have a family to help you out with that. There's just the 2 of us in this household, so a cake a week will make me as big as a double-decker by the end of the month, hehehe.

Swiss rolls are my favourite! My husband always requests for it (I make green tea versions), so, I must be doing something right, hehe.

Yummy blog. Always love blogs with fluffy cat pictures, and sweets!
Would like to tune in for more.

skippinginthemeadow said...

I haven't had one of those for years! apart from a chocolate one at Christmas which both burned on the edges and broke up, but it was all hidden in frosting and declared delicious. My baking is generaly a bit hit and miss - my best talent lies in covering up the defects...but, shhhhh don't tell anyone.