Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden!

If you look carefully you will see some fairies emerging from the back of the garden. Amongst the honeysuckle they are gingerly stepping into spring.

They are a little shy at first.

Fern is looking out for Gizmo (the big ginger cat)!

Blossom is looking wistfully at her reflection in a dew drop.

Can you guess this little ones name? All will be revealed over at the shop. Please drop by and say hello!


  1. Lucky ladies to enjoy some sunshine! It's raining here :(
    Blossom is very pretty! xxx

  2. They are very pretty - you can honestly say you have faeries at the bottom of your garden ;-)
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Simone, did you make these? They are very lovely - I love that they also live in your garden, this sort of thing delights my daughter at the moment so I cannot wait to show her these pictures tomorrow!

    Much love, Julia x x x

  4. What pretty creatures you have at the bottom of your garden - I think they are lovely:)

  5. I do so love your fairy folk :o)

    hope we are going to see lots and lots of them xxx

  6. The fairies at the bottom of your garden remind me of Clematis Alpina flowers. x


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