Friday, 19 March 2010

Simone's Friday Cake Bake No. 9

These are the fairy guardians of the cake. They will let me know if someone tries to steal a piece!

A sugary topping is usually a preference.

Chocolate sponge cake with an apricot conserve and butter cream filling. Shall I get the kettle on? Care to join me? Yes? Delightful!

Other delightful things this week were the package I received from the very generous and kind hearted Michela.

These included huge sheets of beautiful Venetian paper. Much too beautiful to ever be used!

More beautiful delights were these golden yellow tulips. I was unable to buy any golden daffodils as they are on rations around here due to the late coming of Spring!

I hope that all my readers. old and new alike have a lovely weekend with friends and family, cats and dogs or just a book and a cuppa. See you next week. x


Rosie said...

Your cake looks delicious, Simone. I can imagine you sitting down with a slice of the cake and a nice cup of tea looking through your lovely Venetian gifts and gazing occasionally at your lovely tulips. I love your fairies:)

summerfete said...

have a great weekend Simone
I shall think of you when I bake a lemon drizzle cake tomorrow!

Clare xx

Ali said...

What a lovely post!! Have a lovely weekend x

KC'sCourt! said...

May I join you in a slice of cake and a cuppa? I must confess I didn't cake bake last week - didn't have the time unless I can use my Cheese Toastie as the cake-bake.....? I won't be making anything till tomorrow now either. It's been one of them afternoons!

Michela said...

..Oooh..I hope I don't have to argue too much with those two lovely ladies for having a slice of that heavenly cake!
It looks like an English reintepretation of the Sacher Torte, isn't it?!
Have a good weekend and thank you so much for your kind words!

Beansieleigh said...

Simone, I believe I WILL join you for a piece of cake! You never have to twist MY arm very hard!!.. LOVE the little fairy guardians of the sweets!!! (0; I feel quite certain I would LOVE to have a couple of these little creatures at my house, guarding MY Shamrock cookies! ~tina

Lyn said...

mmm it looks lovely, shame I can't partake at the moment but enjoy!
I like the photos on your side bar of things you make and bake.

Kathy said...

I love your fairy guardians - did you make them? Cake looks rather good too!
Love Kathy xxx

vintagerockchick said...

Thanks for the blog visit Simone - and the recipes - loads of them! I'm gonna have to start cooking. Oh yeah - and the Paolo album was ALMOST enough for me to regret not getting tickets for Glasto again this year. Then I remembered the mud. And the toilets ......

Pipany said...

Hello Simone. thank you for the comments on my blog - all getting a bit better now. Off for a lovely catch up now and wishing for a slice of that fab cake! x

Lyn said...

Simone, your scaring me now! how did you know it was Gall stones? VEry bad but not life threatening!
You cake looks so much more tastier than mine though!

Louise said...

I baked a cake yesterday (Friday) before I started work. It hadn't cooled down enough to put it together before I left. I had a huge slice for supper! I was thinking about your Friday Cake Bake when I was making it. I haven't ever thought of putting chocolate and apricot together. I shall definitely try this combination. I hope you have a lovely weekend Simone. x

andamento said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. That cakes looks delicious, any left? Not likely I suppose!

periwinkle said...

I must get back into the Friday cake baking habit -- hub actually commented that I hadn't made one last week -- might just pinch yours :-)

Ellouise88 said...

Oh gosh that cake looks good! I think your fairy guardians of the cake will have a hard job protecting that!

Julie Rutter said...

Having just read your post I'm now seriously regretting the fact that I don't have any home baking left - it all got scoffed over the weekend.

Yellow tulips are one of my favourites and that paper is stunning.

Hoping your weekend was good. Juliex

The Girl said...

That jam oozing out of the cake makes me want to eat it. All.