Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Second Blog Birthday!

This blog was 2 years old on 1st March! When I started blogging I thought it would be a bit of a fad and over with within a couple of months. I never imagined that I would still be blogging 2 years later.

I started out about the same time as Lucy from Attic 24 who is known for her love of crochet. Inspired by her crochet jar jackets, I decided to make some for a giveaway.

They are designed to fit a Bonne Maman jam jar quite perfectly.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning a totally useless but none-the-less pretty jam jar cover, then please let me know how you discovered this particular blog. Did you find me after I left you a comment on your blog? or by a random search? or by a comment I left on another persons blog? etc.

All are welcome to enter as I will send abroad too. If you left a comment on my previous post I will put you in the lucky hat twice! I will announce the winners in about a weeks time. Good luck and I hope you continue to read my blog over the coming years!


The Girl said...

I thought this would be an easy question, but come to think of it I don't know how I came across you!

I'm pretty sure it'll have been a comment on someone-else's blog that led me a-wandering over to you.

Happy 2nd birthday - what an achievement, I've only just reached my first. Here's to a third year!

Ali said...

Happy Blog birthday! I came across your site from another blog - but I cant remember who's they had made a post about Yankee Candles and your Yankee Candle collection - so I just HAD to come over for a nosy x (it could have been Attic 24 but not 100% sure.

Michela said...

Hi Simone!!!
Happy 2nd baby is just 10 months old ;-)
Mmh..what a difficult question..I think I found your lovely blog via Lyn at Everyday Life..maybe when you blogged about your fantastic paper owls?!

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Blog Birthday. I think I either found you by finding a comment you left on someone elses blog or you leaving a comment on my blog, but that doesn't matter how I found your blog I found a friend!
Julie xxxxxxx

Julie Rutter said...

I've just achieved 2 months which seems like quite a milestone. 2 years is definitely an achievement.

I think I came over from another blog - sorry, I can't remember where.

I have looked longingly at the pattern for the jam jar covers but, since I'm only just learning to knit and haven't even begun to tackle crochet, I think it will be a while before I can make one for myself!


Attic24 said...

happy Bloggy-birthday Simone!
Your jam jar jackets look beautiful, reminds me I must try find where I put the blue and white striped ones that I made last year to plant up narcissi into. It's that time of year again and they seem to have disappeared into the mess of the house somewhere!
Reminds me also that there will soon be an Attic 2nd birthday, will have to see what the date is, i do remember it is very close to yours so should be soon eh.

Hoping all is well and happy with you Simone, been a while since i popped now to browse your archives and catch up with you a bit.
Lots of love and hugs

pebbledash said...

Happy twos! I think I find my way here after you found your way to me, but I'm not 100% sure, memory is a little dodgy!!
Glad you're still blogging, Simone.
D x (and Walter Dog)

Noas' libellule said...

Happy Blog Birthday Simone! I think that I came accross your blog because another blog was following you. I do not have a clue though which blog it was though... Sorry. Don't think the jar covers are useless... Any colours to my kitchen is welcome!

summerfete said...

Congrats Simone!
I have my two year blogversary in 10 days!

Rosie said...

Happy blog anniversary, Simone! I was just looking back over my own posts because I have a blogging anniversary coming up soon and I found your first comment on a post I wrote in July 2008 - I must have found you from then:)

Jenny said...

Well done on 2 years of blogging. I found you at the top of the Dorset Cereals voting, well done again. I keep trying to learn to crochet myself but just don't get it so revert to knitting. Your covers are very lovel.

Petit Filoux said...

You know what, I think it might have been through a comment you left on my blog? I might be completely mistaken, I have a terrible memory!! Well happy blogiversary, you have a lovely blog!!

Lyn said...

Congrats! I think I 'found' you via another blog, so glad I did anyway!

cathleen said...

Happy blog birthday, Simone. I think you found me first and left one of your usual kind comments. By the way, thank you for being so sweet to me. I really appreciate it.

Louise said...

I really can't remember Simone as it seems I have been commenting on your blog from the very beginning. What I do know is I shall long continue to visit you and leave comments, and continue to enjoy the frequency of your comments on my blogs too.

Anyway, what a great giveaway! I've always loved those crochet jam-jar covers, and would love to be in with a chance of winning one. Thanks as ever Simone. x

Jon said...


happy 2nd birthday - I have only been going for 2 months so I hope I can go for as long as you!

Julia said...

Hello Simone!

OOhh, racking the old memory bank now!! I have a feeling that I may have found you through a spot of blog trawling one heavenly afternoon...well done on two years at it though, its a lovely blog and your jam jar covers are a real delight!

Please would you put me in the draw for your giveaway? Bless you, and check my blog as I'll be doing one of my own very soon too!

Much love
Julia x x x

Ellouise88 said...

Hello. Just found you from your comment on Attic 24 and thought if it's good enough for Lucy then I would probably like it as well! And I do, so will pop in again. I am just coming up to my first 100 posts and wondering whether I ought to do a giveaway (not sure I have that many readers - might be only putting about 3 names in a hat! LOL!)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Simone! Oh my gosh.. I'm just trying to catch up with everybody.. Happy 2nd Blogiversary! LOVE your glass jar covers, and hope you'll enter me into your giveaway! It's funny as I cannot for the life of me remember HOW we met specifically, but it's always been a pleasure visiting with you!... and Gizmo! ((hugs)) ~tina

gill said...

great giveaway!
think it was summerfete's blog where i found the link to you

periwinkle said...

I've just looked back and my first comment to you was on 19th March 2008 so been with you a while - happy blogiversary :-)

skippinginthemeadow said...

happy bloggy birthday to you
happy bloggy birthday to you
happy bloggy birthday to Linden Grove/Simone
happy bloggy birthday to yooooou!!!

the jar jackets look so delicious!

i guess i'm probably too late for the giveaway, but i'll tell you how i found your blog anyway. i found you on lucy's blog, which i'd then only just found via posy's blog - which was the first blog i ever visited. so yours was my lucky third :o) am so very happy i found you xxx

lots of love xxx


ginny said...

hi simone,
happy blog birthday!
i expect i found you by blog hopping (a favourite pastime of mine) or perhaps through carolyn or diana... anyhow i am pleased i did as it has been lovely getting to know you.
warmest wishes ginny x