Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Solo Lunch

When eating solo lunches at home it can be difficult to come up with innovative things to eat. It is so much easier just to reach for the biscuit tin or forgo lunch altogether.

I usually try to make a bit of an effort for lunch even if I am eating alone. I am all the more inspired after reading The Philosophy of Lists post on 10 February all about ideas for solo lunches. She even has a list of solo lunch ideas in her sidebar for you to download.

The above open sandwich was quick and easy to do and very tasty too!

I sliced and toasted 2 slices of spelt and rye bread. Drizzled olive oil over the bread and placed on a baking sheet. I then alternated slices of beefsteak tomato with basil leaves and topped with slices of cheddar cheese. A couple of twists from the pepper mill completed the dish. It was popped in the oven just to melt the cheese but you could grill it for a bubbly browned cheese topping too.

Nothing so tasty to eat today though. I have a hard boiled egg ready and waiting in the fridge!

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway on my previous post to be in with a chance of winning a crochet jam jar cover. Good luck!


  1. My goodness, your post has made me completely ravenously hungry!
    I know what you mean about solo lunches, I usually just cobble together a quick sarnie but mmmmmmmm I think I might try something with melty cheese today, yuo've inspired me!

  2. Looks more tasty than my sad looking sandwich that's for sure!!

  3. i often have solo lunches and tend to graze during the morning. I sometimes miss lunch altogether or end up eating it at 3pm before i get the girls. this looks delicious ... am off to check your link too x

  4. That looks wonderful Simone - a great variation on cheese on toast! We are having parsnip soup today:)

  5. ooohh yummy, i like the look of these. We got ourselves a sandwich toaster recently and i love nothing more than toasted cheese and tomatoe sandwiches, the combination just works perfectly.

  6. I think I will have to give this a go. I really struggle with lunches and often end up with just a cheese sandwich. This looks much more tasty. Juliex

  7. Oh my. That really looks delicious and pain-free for a solo lunch.
    I've been stuck in this butter cookies + Nutella or Peanut Butter spread lunch. If I'm hungrier, there's bread with you guessed it, Nutella or peanut butter.
    Some times, I "savour" it up with brie and bread. Man, the sound of my solo lunches really does sound depressing!

  8. I almost always eat lunch alone and that looks fab!!
    So I will try it this week!

  9. that really does look delicious! mmmmm and i was wondering what to have for supper too!
    glad i wasn't too late for the giveaway :o)


  10. What an excellent solo lunch! Toasted cheese and fancy bread always add an element of occasion that is missing from plain old bread & cheese. Yum.

    Hard boiled eggs are good too!

  11. That looks rather delicious! Most of my meals are solo, but I love to cook and usually make an effort.

  12. Oh Simone....your foodie posts often have me drooling, and this is no exception!
    What a tasty and delicious looking open sarnie, its inspiring me to make something similar for my own lunch today!! Thanks for reminding me that the sandwich can be fabulous again!!

    Love Julia x x x

  13. I'd have a hard-boiled egg in my fridge too, as I love egg/mayo sandwiches. Your cheese toastie looks very tasty, and I like how you have a grinding of black pepper on the top. On a work day, I will quite often have a cheese/onion toastie in the cafe for my lunch, with a large cappuchino that is. I have to keep my strength up! At home, there's been times when I've just reached for a packet of biscuits for lunch, when I've been too lazy to do anything else. x


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