Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tuesday Garden Rake No.5

Cats always manage to find a sunny spot.

Gizmo is looking directly towards the area where the fox cubs are being reared.

Wisteria hangs down above him.

There is more leaf than flower but the wisteria is a pretty addition to the garden and so beautifully fragrant.

I have managed to get some of my tomatoes into grow bags. I have planted nine into 3 grow bags so far. To each bag I have added two plastic plant pots for ease of watering. I can water directly into the pots to prevent the soil spilling out if I was to water at the base of the plant.

The sweet peas are coming along nicely in the greenhouse too. I have pinched out the tips to produce bushier plants. Hopefully bushier plants will mean more flowers.

Yet more tomato plants! I had better start saving up tomato recipes!


tinajo said...

Love your pictures - such a beautiful cat! Your tomato plants are huge compared to mine! :-)

Michela said...

Hi Simone!
I love the way your Wisteria is climbing up your walls!

Ali said...

What is it with the wisteria this year? Usually, I get flowers before the leaves come. This year, lots of flowers still in bud but it's in full leaf already. Odd.

Carol said...

Hi Simone, you are doing well with your plants. Your house looks wonderful. I have a newish Wisteria which has its first one and only bud which I am dying to see in all its glory. Which colour do you have, it looks white.
Oh to come back next time as a pampered cat.

Rosie said...

Lovely Gizmo and lovely wisteria:) Your sweetpeas and tomatoes look healthy. We have so may extra tomato plants this year so we have put some at the bottom of the drive with a card offering them to a good home - hope someone will want them:)

Julie Rutter said...

Your plant pot for watering is such a genius idea (well, its one that I hadn't come up with anyway!) - I'm off to put it into action this afternoon. I planted out a couple of courgette and squash yesterday and always have problems watering growbags. I've put big milk bottles over the top as I'm a bit worried its too early up here - hopefully that'll insulate them a bit. Juliex

KC'sCourt! said...

I love Sweet Peas, but I have the fight the slugs and snails for them as per usual! One day I will win I know I will!

Lyn said...

Your wisteria is so much further on than ours and I noticed the birds have been nibbling the bud off ours!!!
Try making some tomato chutney to see you through the winter!

Dragonfly said...

Hmmm, my wisteria is misbehaving too! I wondered if perhaps it needed feeding.

My greenhouse is starting to look productive now, but I'm way behind you.

Kathy said...

Oh dear, you're all so organised and green-fingered!
I don't have any tomatoes or sweet-peas. I'm very envious!
Love Kathy xxx

Amanda said...

Everything looks beautiful... especially Gizmo! What a great idea about watering the tomato plants, I must tell my dad that one!!

Julia said...

Look at all your lovely tomatoes!! And sweet peas!!! You are bursting at the seams with lots of healthy looking plant life there, very impressed and inspired! Your little house looks very pretty with the wisteria too!

Much love
Julia x x x

summerfete said...

Yep your tomato plants are monsters!!

Mine are midgets!

cathleen said...

Oh Gizmo! You are so darn cute! Loving your gardening posts, Simone. Really loving them!!!! And your wisteria is BEAUTIFUL! I was thrilled about my three baby flowers....I hope, hope, hope some day I will have my plant covered in big blooms like yours.

Louise said...

I'd love to be a cat. Hasn't Gizmo got such lovely soft fur! You've a lovely house Simone, I've always favoured character properties. I am beginning to panic at how late I left my seed sowing? I really am quite envious of yours. I'm really enjoying our garden rakes Simone. x

ginny said...

it's all looking good and green in your garden , except of course the beautiful wisteria... mine is just starting to boloom.
i think we will be in need of tomato recipes too as we seem to have lots of plants in the greenhouse!
Happy weekend
g x

Teresa said...

You obviously have a very green thumb... your plants all look like they're thriving!