Thursday, 29 April 2010

April Full Moon

I have had a fascination with the moon recently. Each month I look forward to seeing the full moon. I took these moon photos at around 10.00pm last night. They were taken through a window with my digital camera and the man in the house opposite watching me from a downstairs window probably wondering what I was taking photos of!

I would love to own a professional camera one day and capture the true beauty of what I saw rather than a snapshot.

The moon was soft and beautiful last night with a golden glow. The clouds that formed around it gave an air of mystique. Sadly no foxes were to be seen last night but the water I had put out for them had disappeared and plenty of pots had been knocked over so I guess they came out whilst I was in slumber.

Around 6.00pm this evening this little cub came to see what I was doing. He then sat and scratched his ear with his back leg, hence his back leg being up in the air! I will try to see if I can photo the cubs at night again. I may be up all night!


tinajo said...

So, so, so SWEET! Could kiss that face! :-)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

He is so sweet! I check everyday for an update! :)
Vivienne x

Lyn said...

Simone, I took photos of the moon last night too but your photos are much clearer than mine. I love that fox cubs face!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely little Foxy!
Julie xxxxxx

Kathy said...

He looks like a little tinker- isn't it a special feeling when you are so close to a wild animal!!!!
Love Kathy xxx

Amanda said...

I, too, love the full moon and have always felt very magical at that time... but unfortunately I also tend to have terrible cramps then too... and hormonal swings (or moon-madness as Tim calls it), so it is very bittersweet for me now... I still love it and look forward to seeing it in the sky though!

Carol said...

Hi Simone, how are you? it has been ages since I sat and had a good read of blogs, funny a little break is good sometimes, I realise how much I miss everyone.
The cubs a gorgeous, sadly my Guy would not be happy to see them in my garden. I think the fox's have alreadly guessed that as I never see or smell one.
As for the moon I share you interest, the images are great.
Have a super weekend.

The Girl said...

I think I'm actually in love with him. He's too cute!

Can't believe I missed the full moon. I was there the other day looking at it when it was a couple of days off saying, "I'm definitely going to take pictures of that when it's full." and then I go and miss it!

Michela said...

Beautiful shots! Neighbours are so nosy, aren't they?! Mine looks at our home from 6am to 10 pm!!!

periwinkle said...

Once again I didn't get to see the moon :-(. Hub has a " thing" on his phone which tells you where all the stars, planets etc are and when we checked where the moon was on this it was right on the horizon and far too low for us to see..... I had so wanted to take full moon pics every month this year and have failed miserably!!

skippinginthemeadow said...

Simone, you have captured so much beauty and mystery with your 'snapshots' they are lovely indeed.
my daughter twinkle has also been captivated by the moon these past few months, frequently pointed it out to me and remarking on how special each moon is. the old lady of the night has many beautiful faces and mysterious moods, your pictures really do portray this very well - the wispy veils clouds in your shots are magical.
oh and the fox! how sweet he is ^.^

wishing you a lovely weekend xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


ps i hope these moon pics are going to be a regular feature (at least then weather permits).

silverpebble said...

How wonderful about the fox cubs - I'm so excited for you. Do keep us updated. Those images of the moon are beautiful x

Julie Rutter said...

You've made me realise I don't pay nearly enough attention to the moon. I do notice if I'm taking Kipper out for her last walk but must pay more attention in the future as I'm obviously missing out on something special. Something very special I've been lucky enough to see frequently is the aurora borealis (northern lights) - I lived in the middle of nowhere in Aberdeenshire for 3 years and saw them regularly. Always such a stunning experience. Juliex

Dragonfly said...

Wow! Great pictures!! What a cutie :-)

Diane said...

What great pictures - Love the little chap. xx

magsmcc said...

These photos are amazing! I had one little moon photo in a post last August but, my goodness, it has none of the quality you get here!