Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fox Cub Update

Yesterday afternoon there were two little foxy faces peering out at me from under the junk pile. Luckily my husband and son were around to witness them.

Later that evening, just outside my dining room window I had the pleasure of seeing not one, or two, or three or four or five but SIX fox cubs playing out in my garden! It really was a wonderful sight.

Why did this event have to happen just as we get chickens again? Anyway, there is no way that my hens will be free ranging for a very long while to come. I just can't risk it. I won't disturb the cubs, or feed them but I have left some water nearby. I hope that they quickly grow into adulthood and move on. Then I will clear my recycling pile so that foxes won't be able to set up home again.

I tried to get some night time pictures of the cubs but they didn't come out clearly. I will try again tonight by the light of the full moon. Did you know that this moon is called the 'egg' moon? How very appropriate now that one of my hens has started to lay!


  1. How exciting being able to witness nature close up, I do hope you're able to get some photos. Although keep the chickens under lock and key!!
    Vivienne x

  2. SIX, oh my , get your camera ready lol. I'm set for tonights moon too although I have it as the growing moon , so many different names :-)

  3. I'm sitting here with a touch of the green-eyed monster! Pics, pronto, please!

  4. Oh how wonderful for you... but not so wonderful for the hens, I guess... just make sure they aren't part of Fantastic Mr Fox's clan!!

  5. Also known as SEED MOON!
    Foxes are lovely creatures, and cubs are so playful, what a lovely thing to witness.
    But lock up your ladies!

  6. Hi Simone! Oh, I can't even imagine SIX little baby foxes running around my yard like that!!! I would be flattered that the Momma fox found YOUR yard to be a nice place for her babies, for now at least!! ~Although I would never want to see them hurt your chickens.. I'm sure they'll move on. Oh, but I DO hope you can get some nice pictures! ~tina

  7. There is nothing more endearing than the sight of fox cubs. Fancy seeing six, that must have been an absolute delight! I remember a few years back a mother leading three cubs through my garden, and watching them all clambering up the wall was just so amusing. An everlasting memory. I must admit we do attempt to deter adult foxes from our garden. They dig deep holes in our banked areas with a den in mind, and bury food in the borders, once I found a parsnip of all things! I think you have done the right thing in leaving water for them, but no food. x

  8. OH so cool. When we lived in the country in MI we would see all kinds of baby animals but. I miss that!
    Sounds like the fox knew the chickens were back! LOL


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