Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday Garden Rake No.4

You never know what you may find in the garden. Whilst emptying some vegetable peelings in the green recycling bin and under the canopy of the huge stockpile of recyclable goods we have accumulated, I heard a scrabbling about noise.

Out from the pile of old lawn mowers, the barbecue and assorted piles of tat, appeared the sweetest face. A little fox cub had come to see what I was doing. I rushed inside to get my camera and he was waiting for me.

After a couple of flashes of the camera he decided that he was better off within the confines of the recycling mountain and off he went.

Inside the greenhouse a pane of glass has been missing for a couple of years.

Its disappearance was caused by giant firework. You can see the scale of it next to the broom.

After much sweeping of glass the greenhouse is fit for use again (after we have replaced the pane)!

Outside the greenhouse is a nice little secluded area. I plan to smarten this up and read lots of books and eat lots of cake until the sun goes down and then I will sit by candlelight and take in the sounds and sights of the night until I am too sleepy to stay out!

This beefsteak tomato will be going into the greenhouse as soon as I have placed and sorted out the grow bags.

Some of the climbing french beans are in place and ready to wind their way up the canes.

Geraniums and verbenas should add a lovely splash of colour to the garden before too long.

A teeny tiny pear has formed beneath the blossom. I think it is going to be a good year for pears!

My dwarf Victoria plum has a minuscule plum right in the centre of the blossom.

The wisteria is in bud and about to bloom over the next week or so.

After the shock of seeing the fox cub I was equally shocked to find the first egg in the coop today! It weighs 30g and is not a bad size for a first one. Now, I wonder which hen laid it? I think it was probably the Hertfordshire Honey White as she was in the coop this morning.

What have you been up to in the garden this week?


  1. oh my - how sweet is he/she , I must admit I'd be over the moon to find a little fox in my garden, oh just thought , your chickens oops.

  2. What a cute fox cub - they are so adorable even if they are a pain! Mayeb the shock of seeing it made your chicken lay and egg :-) Congrats on your first egg.

  3. Oh how I am jealous you have such a lovely garden to escape to... I do hope that wherever we end up we'll have a bit of garden too so I can join in!

    What a lovely little visit from the fox cub, and an egg too!! Aren't you the lucky one x

    Amanda (at my new address)

  4. Hi Simone!
    Love your "reading area"! We mowed the grass (I think it's already the 4th time this year..) and did a bit of shopping, as we're going to replace the Pansies with Geranium and Begonias.
    Congratulations on getting your 1st egg!!! Hope you'll get many more eggs ..and make more cakes!

  5. Congratulations on your first egg. Lovely surprise to find a fox in your garden.

  6. Awww - how adorable! I want a fox cub! :-)

  7. I wonder if that little cub is related to the one you spotted on your neighbours roof the other night. They are adorable, but not the friendliest visitors to your garden when you've got your hens to think about.
    I love Wisteria - it'll look fantastic when it's in full bloom.

  8. Simone, what a great post! I love the fox cub he was a sweet waiting for you to get the camera. You put me to shame with all your palnting and growing and planning-I am so behind-again! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

  9. I loved your post today - your garden looks very productive.
    What a cute fox - but keep your chickens safe. My friend had all her hens taken by Fantastic Mr. Fox!!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. Oh this post made my heart sing. I would be delighted to come face to face with a cute little fox cub. And all your greenery is growing madly. All looks very inspiring.

  11. Your fox cub is beautiful - what a sweet face...altho' I suppose he may not grow up to be so sweet but that's really not his fault, just his nature I guess.
    I'd love to know what you have done with the first egg- has it been made into something special?

  12. The fox cub is adorable. Nice to see he doesn't know his way to the chicken coop.

  13. I loved your post today - and how lucky you found the egg before foxy smelled it!! Cute though he is.

  14. Two creatures I miss from the UK are Fox and Hedgehogs, congrats on the first egg.

  15. I spent yesterday tidying up in the garden and greenhouse but today the weather wasn't just as nice. I wouldn't have minded bumping into your little visitor though, he's so cute!!
    Vivienne x

  16. I would LOVE a fox cub!!

    Congratulations on your first egg, that must have felt really great.

    Because I don't have a garden I'm just going to start pretending that your garden is mine, ok?!

  17. Wow, Simone, I am in awe that you are so organised in the garden! Gorgeous foxy cub, we usually get some each year, fingers crossed there are some this year. Andy actually picked one up and had it in his hands a few years ago, as the naughty fox cub had got lost out the front of the house so he was returning it to home. It was the most adorable thing. You did well to get some snaps.
    Hen xxx
    P.S. Hoping to get round to the PIF after the Fair this weekend. I haven't forgotten.

  18. Very impressive looking egg, it's huge! Cute fox cub too.

  19. Oh it’s so nice being able to keep you with your blog again!! You have such a wonderful garden, such a beautiful cat, and now amazing fox cubs!! They’re so cute!! The hens are looking good too, I can’t wait for the day when I have a garden and I can have hens that give me wonderful eggs every day! How lucky you are! x

  20. Great photos Simone. That fox cub sure has a cute face! I envy you a greenhouse, that is one thing I haven't got. I think maybe the shock of seeing a fox may have given your hen a kick start into laying that egg! x

  21. I've really enjoyed this post - isn't the fox cub sweet? Your garden is looking wonderful, Simone and I love your reading and cake eating area - I do hope that this summer it will be warm enough to sit outside late at night:)

  22. dear little foxy! and what a perfect egg!! you are so lucky. i wish i had room for hens.




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