Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday Garden Rake No.6

I couldn't bear to part with my son's long outgrown pedal car so I decided to use it as a planter!

There is a shady spot at the back of the garden where it fits in very nicely.

I have filled it with shade loving plants including a Hosta and so far no slug/snail damage!

By the time summer comes (do you hear me summer?) , hopefully, the lobelia will be trailing out over the sides and filling the gaps with foliage and flower.

The greenhouse is overrun with tomato plants and there is still more to pot up!

The plants in the greenhouse are thriving.

The sweet peas have had a growth spurt!

The tomatoes in the grow bags are growing bushier. I must remember to feed them once the third truss has set.

A lone Tayberry plant in the garden is covered in buds.

Can you see the tiny blueberries forming at the base of the flowers?

The climbing French bean 'Cherokee' is growing vigorously now.

Acorn squash sit nicely next to the French Marigolds.

Rosie was asking what herbs do you like to use from your garden. I have plentiful supply of lavender and this year I am going to try and make lavender biscuits as shown on Alys Fowler's gardening programme.

I also have a large Rosemary bush in the garden so I make use of this when I roast potatoes and garlic for added flavour.

Flower buds already forming on my outdoor early tomato 'Latah'.

Fern growing up the side of an old tree trunk.

Peony tightly in bud.

A mystery self seeded flower. Any ideas what it is? I haven't got a clue!


  1. Ah yes it is the lesser spotted pink flower.

    (I don't have any plant knowledge, just thought I would chip in)

    Love the idea of using the old pedal car as a planter, I swear I'm storing all these little ideas up and when I do have a garden it's going to be freakin' awesome!

  2. What a lovely little motorcar, love the pots too.
    Don't what your flower is, my mum used to call them plants from heaven - when birds fly over and leave little marks.....!
    I have come to the conclusion we are going to have a heatwave on Christmas day as we have now had six months of winter

  3. Can I come and visit and have tea in your sweet little garden? Your use of the little car for your plants was quite ingenious! Very cool, Simone!

  4. Oh the garden is looking wonderful- and the pedal car is so sweet. What are you going to do with all those tomatoes??

  5. Sorry Simone, I can't help you, anyway your freebie flower looks lovely! xxx

  6. Oh Simone I just love your new planter - too cute! And did you know, Rosemary is my absolute favourite herb, I just can't get enough of the stuff!

  7. Love the pedal car planter- what a good idea. Your garden looks so productive. I've got lavender in flower now - I've never thought of using it in baking!
    Love Kathy xxx

  8. Oh my goodness - that car is so lovely with the plants! Great idea!

  9. oh my - love the car , it won;t go rusty will it ? So with you on the biscuits too. My plants are nowhere near where yours are, my fern hasn't even started to shoot yet , can't help with the mystery either I'm afraid - maybe a shot a bit further away ?

  10. I love what you've done with your son's pedal car - it looks fabulous - what a great idea!!:0)

  11. All your plants look so healthy - I love the pedal car planter. I wish we could grow Hostas. I've tasted Lavender scones at Norfolk Lavender at Heacham and recently bought some Lavender and Camomile tea which is lovely. Can you use any lavender in cooking as I've seen culinary lavender advertised on-line?

  12. Hello Rosie. I have also seen culinary Lavender for sale. I would think any Lavender grown in your garden would be ok to use. Maybe they grade it as culinary or for use in pot pourri according to the quality of Lavender? I will have to research further!

  13. I love the car planter its such a great idea - I'm wondering what I haven't spotted round here that could be used! Your plants are looking fantastic and are so far on. Juliex

  14. Love that car! Your mystery plant looks like a Sedum to me.

  15. Oh Simone, I have serious post envy going on here - my goodness what a succulent and bursting-at-the-seams garden you have!! And that little car is just perfect as a planter! You are inspiring me to get outdoors again, and tend to my own little patch!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  16. Your mystery plant is definitely a variety of Sedum. Planting up the car is such a great idea Simone. I'd bring it inside in the winter though. Your greenhouse bootie is certainly all looking very healthy. Your tomato seeds have given successful germination haven't they! Any neighbours in need of a tomato plant? x

  17. That pedal car planting is adorable. I just hid my sons old boots in the car with violas in them! I'm always surprised when I see them!

  18. gosh, I hope you like tomatoes!

  19. I wouldn't part with that pedal car either! Apart from its sentimental value it's simply adorable!


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