Friday, 18 June 2010

The Path Less Travelled?

After twelve years away from the workplace - I am ready to make my return! I am in a position where I can choose which direction to take and which road to take. Do I go back to the kind of work I did before or do I take the path less travelled and choose a completely different career to the one I had before motherhood? That is my dilemma.

I have been racking my brains and doing various online tests to figure out a suitable career for me to follow to no avail.

I have no desire to become an astronaut or deep sea diver or mountain climber although I admire the courage of those that do so. I need to find a job that suits me and my character and which has a degree of job satisfaction.

Judging what you know about me from reading my blog, do you have an insight into my character and what makes me tick? Do you have any suggestions for what career choices I could make?

I would love to read what ideas you come up with, sensible or otherwise!

p.s I still haven't managed to leave this blog alone all summer have I? The pull of the blog is too great!!!

Edited: Thank you so much for all your suggestions so far. I am very encouraged by your comments and look forward to any more conventional or diverse options for careers!


  1. I would say either pastry chef or gardener!!
    Vivienne x

  2. Write some freelance articles for gardening/cooking/home-focused publications and submit some of your gorgeous photos with the articles?

  3. Yes.....I love reading your blog, so why not writing of some sort?
    Julie xxxxx

  4. oohh how scary and exciting all at once! I would say it would have to be something creative as you love arty things.

  5. Develop your art and craft work and open a proper website to sell your goods ...... maybe??


  6. Have you thought of teaching others? You have wonderful arts and crafts skills - you could pass some of them on via adult education classes or day centre activities. You could also work with plants at a nursery or garden centre. Ot grow and sell your own produce at farmer's markets or supply shops and cafes? It depends what kind of environment you would like to work in - office, shop, outdoors? Hope you find something to suit you and your talents - there will be that ideal job waiting somewhere:)

  7. There should be some way of testing a career out first!
    My advice to my daughter has always been 'do something that makes you happy!' sorry I can't be more specific! ;~)

  8. Ooh heck, a leading question! I think in order to be happy with work and fulfilled, you need to be doing something you genuinely feel passionate about. Something on the artistic/creative side? Perhaps you could try volunteering to get a feel for some different things.

  9. I think gardener too! or book illustrator with those lovely paper cuts-see I have not forgotten!!!

  10. The idea from Pebbledash to try volunteering first sounds really sensible. My main comment would be to make sure you go for something you will really enjoy - don't just leap for the first thing that comes up unless its ideal. Juliex

  11. Hello Simone hope the summer is treating you well?

    Mr fete names the wee teds when he gets home from work!!

    I think you should try working with children and something arty?
    Clare x

  12. Right away I thought of your delicious cakes and bakes, and of course your love affair with your beautiful garden! Maybe there is a clue in those pursuits? I reckon you could go in many directions with either of designer, mini nursery owner, your own handmade cake stall at a local/farmers market, artisan baker...!
    Good luck with your new path in life, cant wait to hear where it takes you.

    Much love
    J x

  13. ooooh first of all, I love the new colour scheme (how new is it? Have I just not noticed before??)

    My friend is going through a similar thing right now and I find it so hard to think of what someone else could do, because I find my own choices difficult enough... but I do agree with the others who suggested some freelance writing. I am currently looking into this myself, so if I come across any good places to submit to, I shall let you know!

    Maybe you could get a job in a craft shop or local bakery - somewhere that values the same things you do. Or how about running your own craft workshops - if you apply for a CRB check you could then do freelance work at after school clubs, Brownie and Guide meetings, over-60 clubs etc.

    Good Luck with your dreaming and decision making, Simone xx

  14. Good luck Simone in your pursuit to find a job that suits you, and one that makes you happy. I cannot give you any advice. I work as a necessity (to have a half-decent lifestyle and to pay the bills), and pretty much hate the job I do (thank God it's only part-time)! The only thing that keeps me going every day, is the thought of coming home, and the dream I have that one day I shall be free to do just as I please. x

  15. I'm in the same situation as Louise - working out of necessity at something that has changed so much that I don't particularly enjoy it anymore. Just make sure it will be something you will enjoy.


  16. Given my mad choices over the last three years, with still no regrets, I'm shouting Path Less Travelled! (Except I'm shouting silently because they're all in bed asleep...)


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