Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dilly Dally Dahlia

I didn't dilly dally today. Today was a day for tidying up the garden and getting this beautiful Dahlia plant into the ground before it dried up and died in its pot.

Just getting on and getting jobs done is wonderful for the mind and body. I shall sleep soundly tonight knowing that the grass is cut and the flowers are in their beds.


summerfete said...

Good for you!!
Sleep tight.
Clare xx

magsmcc said...

Oh well done! Tidy garden, tidy mind? Inspiration for tomorrow!

Beansieleigh said...

What a beautiful photo Simone! Yellow is so bright, sunny and cheery that I just keep loving this color more and more and more! Glad you're enjoying the weekend! ~tina

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely photograph
Julie xxxxx

Louise said...

This is a beautiful dahlia Simone. I am so pleased you are feeling brighter. I always find having a tidy around is great therapy. x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Beautiful dahlia! :)
Nothing like a day in the garden!
Vivienne x

Rosie said...

Beautiful dahlia - pleased you feel satisfield with your day's work I love days when you can see what you have achieved:)

cathleen said...
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Julia said...

That's a stunning photo Simone!! Your nature pics are always tremendous and I love seeing them! Isn't it nice to have that feeling of satisfaction when we have done something in the garden?

Sending love
Julia x x x

ps- re my Mailing List, don't worry, the first one went out to a handful of people as I first mentioned it on my Facebook page and only after I had sent it out did I think...aha!! Blogland!! So rest assured, you will definatly get newsletter number 2 - look in your inbox very soon, art goodies are promised and other creative bits and bobs!

J x

Lyn said...

and what a beauty she is!