Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Different Perspective

Today has been one of those days when I have been torn between things I HAVE to do versus those I WANT to do. Usually the HAVE to do wins. I really need to find a balance between the two.

As the rain eventually ceased today, I took the opportunity to get out into the garden and take some snapshots of the fungi that are popping up all over the lawn. I had completed some of my HAVE to do things and decided to do something I WANTED to do.

The two pictures above were taken from focusing on what I could see.

I then thought; I wonder what would happen if I put the camera under the mushrooms without seeing what I am photographing.

Here are the results.

Much more interesting don't you think?

This brings me back to the title of this post 'a different perspective'. Sometimes looking at things through a different perspective can open up a whole new world or at least let us look at things in a different light.


  1. Great photos Simone!
    I have the HAVE TO/WANT TO debate on a daily basis!!!
    Vivienne x

  2. 1. Your photos are beautiful.... especially the photos of the delicate underside of fungi. Thanks for reminding me to look for hidden treasure!

    2. When you figure out how to get that balance between the have-to's and the want-to's.... please let me in on the secret :-)

  3. Wonderful photos, Simone - the undersides of the fungi are so beautiful and delicate. It is hard to balance the have to/want to thing, isn't it?

  4. Great photo.
    The Have To always wins in my opinion. I done a lot of Have To's in the last few days so I going to try a Want To but it is 4.30pm, and going to HAVE TO start dinner in minute - Doh!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Lovely pictures, especially the last one. The trick is to make your HAVE to's small so that you can tick off a few a day!

  6. snap - that's exactly what I did the other day , lovely aren't they... my word verification is Norman .. Mr Grimsdale....

  7. Recovering from my illness is giving me a different perspective on life. I'm now at the stage where I am ready to be doing 'have to' things (or rather 'should do') but I'm only doing one or two house jobs each day, and then I can rest again and do something nice like crafting. I'm enjoying it a lot!
    Love Kathy xxx
    PS Your pictures today are really good!

  8. It's a shame the have to's outweigh the want to's but I guess thats life. You just HAVE to slip in a want to every now and then and make it a have to-I'm rambling now!!!!!
    Any way, the photos look great, what a good idea to go under and take photos of what you can't see!

  9. Stunning details! This evening while driving home from work I took another road (longer than my usual one)and spotted the first signs of Autumn on the trees, rather than crossing hundreds of cars!

  10. fantastic fungus foto!!! they are fascinating aren't they. Just been reading your tips to get through sitting in front of the telly feeling sorry for myself for 4 months is now NOT AN OPTION! thanks x

  11. Gorgeous photos, it is amazing what nature hides isn't it. I took a photo underneath a snowdrop once - so gorgeous - why does nature hide these gems away from our eyes !

  12. Cool photos! I love your different perspective. That will be fun to try with my photography.

  13. and did you pick up those mushrooms?
    they're delicious to eat!!!!
    (armillaria mellea, that's their latin name)
    if not yet, give them a try!
    by the way, amazing pics!

  14. The focus on those fungi is fantastic! x


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