Monday, 4 October 2010

Feel Good Factors for October

When the weather is miserable and the rain falls relentlessly, the nights are drawing in and summer is just a memory; we need to nurture our body and soul to deal with the onslaught of winter.

Now is the time to make ourselves feel good. It is not a time for diets and deprivation. It is time for nurturing and nourishing.

I hope that the list below provides some ideas and inspiration to help you through this difficult month.

Buy yourself a big, new, soft fluffy towel to envelop yourself after a warming bath or shower.

Make lots of tasty soups using colourful vegetables – be experimental!

Bake bread to warm the kitchen and fill the house with a wonderful aroma.

Stock up on reading material.

Fill a big bowl with pine cones and cinnamon sticks.

Make use of the pumpkins and squash available in the shops now – they seem to disappear after Halloween.

Take up a gentle craft such as embroidery or cross-stitch.

Plant some winter flowering pansies.

Stock up on seed catalogues and plan what to grow next year.

Buy (or knit) yourself a pair of soft comfortable socks to wear around the house.

Get back into the art of letter writing using the finest paper and ink pen.

Treat yourself to an individual cake presented in a box.

Buy or make a new scarf and wrist warmers.

Read inspirational quotes.

Drink a large mug of hot chocolate.

Stock up on store cupboard standbys such as tinned soup when you are not up for cooking or are feeling unwell.

Keep honey in the cupboard and lemons in the fridge for cold/flu emergencies.

Buy a new umbrella.

Light a candle.

Buy a bar of handmade soap infused with essential oils.

Make some cushions in autumn colours.

Make a draught excluder with woollen off cuts.

Focus on all that is good and put negativity on the back burner.

Start writing a gratitude journal.

Smile because YOU are LOVED!


Pipany said...

What a brilliant list Simone and one I shall return to. Love it x

Kathy said...

Just the thing to cheer us all up on these awful rainy days.
Some lovely suggestions there!
Love Kathy xxx

Julie Rutter said...

I'll definitely be ticking off some of those ideas, many of which I wouldn't have thought of. Had completely forgotten about winter pansies. They are so bright and cheerful. Juliex

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a great list Simone!
I especially like the one about the seed catalogues. My sweet pea seeds arrived in the post the other day, I found that very hopeful! :)
Vivienne x

Carol said...

You have it all here Simone and I couldn't agree more. I love this time of year...haha I think I say that with every new season. It is focusing on the good things which make a happy soul. Must not dwell too much on the bad bits as it really pulls the mood downwards. Your long list is full of inspirations. xxxx

KC'sCourt! said...

What a wonderful list. I do like the item about an individual cake in a box to have with the hot chocolate!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Rosie said...

What a great list, Simone - some lovely things on there. I've ticked one or two off - we made soup and bread yesterday (cake and biscuits, too!) whilst it was raining outside and I've got a bowl full of pine cones on the table:)

Rosie said...

Brilliant list what a great idea. Lots of lovely ideas.x

Ali said...

Thank you for that - sometimes you just need a gentle reminder that you can take a lot of pleasure from the simplest forms xx

Green thumb said...

Hi Simone! I'm really loving your posts!
We're planting yellow and blue Pansies in the garden, and I brought home 29 packages of different seeds from the UK, as well as scented candles, sweets and magazines!
Have a good week

Lyn said...

What a great list, I think EVERYONE should curl up with a good book and eat cake!
October can be a depressing month, the autmn leave soon turn to mush and it RAINS a lot!
Thank you.

cathleen said...
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Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Sounds great! I'm pretty excited for everything on your list. :)

Louise said...

I'll try and remember to re-cap on your list, when those horrible dark winter days begin to get me down, and I fancy a big suet, or rice pudding to myself. My first thought though, is to take inspiration from a certain someone, and attempt to lose some weight first! x