Saturday, 2 October 2010

Rest and Rejuvenate

We are hard on ourselves much too often. There are always things to be done. Things to tidy away, projects to be completed, things to be read, things to be mastered, people to see, phone or write to, things to be mended, washed, ironed etc etc. The guilt mounts up if we do not achieve all we set out to do.

Today was another bleak day. It wasn't as dramatic as in the photo above. The sky hung down like dirty white sheets above and the sun didn't get a look in. Uninspired, unmotivated and unable to keep my eyes open as I ploughed through another book to escape the monotony; I did what I should have done days ago.

I put my book aside, turned up the heating and curled up on the sofa under a warm blanket. I drifted in and out of sleep, quietly contented like a happy cat and I just stayed there.

After a considerable amount of time I awoke. I felt focused and rejuvenated and ready to ease myself back into the day.

The autumn season gives us the time to slow down, reflect and regroup. I am not going to be rushing around anytime soon. I am going to take advantage of this slowing down period and approach the festive season in a calm manner and not like the headless chicken that I usually do.


  1. I echo your sentiments entirely! One of the best things about my situation right now is the fact that I've got time just to 'be'. I have whole days when I just rest and sleep, and then on other days I feel I can do anything I want to!
    Here's to being slow!!!
    Love kathy xxx

  2. what a perfect post Simone, you echo my sentiments exactly and what I would give for a lazy day curled up on the sofa . Today has been one of those headless chicken days for me and no doubt the same will happen tomorrow !!

  3. Perfect advice, maybe if we all blog about our chilling out time we won't feel guilty :-)

  4. I agree, it always feels so good when you allow yourself to calm down and just "be" instead of "do".

    I try to remember it though it´s sometimes difficult..!

  5. You know, Simone, perhaps this "season" of life is hard, but the way you are writing about it is so inspiational and wise and gentle and true. Combined with your landscape photos, it really is a joy to sit here in the quiet with you!

  6. Oh I agree, At the moment I seem to be chasing my tail, you give some good advice here. Tomorrow I plan to do a bit in the garden then take a leaf out of your book and curl up on the sofa!

  7. So well put, Simone! I couldn't agree with you more!
    Vivienne x

  8. Wonderful post, Simone - so serene - thanks for your caring words todayxx

  9. Excellent advice and well done for having the strength of will to give in to the meaningless demands of our 'civilisation'.

    The very phrase 'festive season' sends alarm bells through me already. It is only so exhausting because our commercial world has stretched it from a couple of weeks to 3-4 months in the last 50 years!

  10. Good for you. Exactly what we all, probably, should be doing more often. It seems like perfect weather just now for a bit of curling up like a cat. Juliex

  11. Good plan! I slowed down from my regular pace yesterday, and put down the to-do list. It felt good! I'm going to keep your words in mind as we head into this busy season!


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