Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Crafting

It feels like a card making factory here! 24 cards are made but there are sooooooo many more to do. It is a good job I enjoy making them isn't it?

The 1st of December already! Where did the year go?


  1. sooo gorgeous!!
    these beautiful beautiful creations have certainly boosted my christmas spirit.. i feel like humming a few carols now :o)
    happy 1st of dec to you xoxoxoxox

  2. What absolutely beautiful cards Simone! I'm sure the recipients will be delighted with them, gorgeous. :)
    As for where the year went to?? It's a mystery to me!
    Vivienne x

  3. Oh can I not think about that question? No space for contemplation in a house about to welcome back two small school boys desperate to put up decorations!!

  4. I'm not so big on christmas but I do love a nice card, 'specially home-made - love that someone made the effort!
    And thanks for your kind words;)
    pamela xxx

  5. Lovely cards! Enjoy making some more!

  6. I love your designs Simone, the sparkly reindeer really caught my eye! I love hand crafted cards, they're loaded with thought and love!

    This year has gone so fast, I can hardly believe we have the advent calendar out, counting down the days til Father Christmas comes...

    Sending love, stay warm
    Julia x x x

  7. Lovely cards - love the reindeer! Well done you!

  8. It's like a card making factory at my house, as well! I know just what you mean. :)

  9. Those reindeer look very glamorous!
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. OH MY! What stunning cards you make... I'm sure they will be the pride of the mantlepiece in every home they enter... Happy Advent xx

  11. that is a lot of cards!! Thank goodness I don't have to make that many, I just don't have the time!

  12. Your cards are perfectly put together Simone. As an ex-typesetter I can see you have an eye for precision. x


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