Wednesday, 26 January 2011


 I love to collect embellishments.  Fabric flowers.........

 .....natural shell buttons.........

 .....wool felt shapes............

 .....shiny, sparkly things.....

.......feathers, fancy buttons and pom poms!  I am happy to get them out of their containers, look at them, and put them away again!  I really need to start putting them to good use in my crafting!

As I mentioned in my last post, I would like to do a giveaway very soon as a way of thanking my regular commenter's and supporters.  I still haven't decided what the giveaway will be other than something in the way of cards or gift tags so it will have to be a surprise!

If you would like to be entered into the giveaway, then please leave a comment here and a little bit about what sorts of things you like e.g, floral things, cats, dogs, wild animals, birds, traditional or contemporary designs, nature, seasonal, soft colours, bright colours etc.

I am looking forward to finding out what kinds of things you like and will announce the winner's name on my next post!  Good luck! x

The giveaway is now closed.


  1. Hello Simone. I collect things too, but they are never as neatly put away as yours! I like nature and seasonal things; actually I like most things thinking about it x

  2. Hi,
    I seem to have a thing for buttons and ribbons. I get my buttons out quite regular for my young daugther to play with and for me to just look at x

  3. Loved seeing your collection of crafty things! I like floral things and pretty colours, either bright or pale! And nature and the seasons are themes I always enjoy too! Helen x

  4. Love all your little treasures Simone. :) I'm a bit of a magpie too, you wouldn't believe the number buttons and beads I have!
    I love nature, flowers, animals of all kinds but bunnies especially. Colourwise I'm an earthy girl, greens and browns with a little duck egg blue thrown in for good measure!
    Vivienne x

  5. You have such an impressive collection of pretty things. I'm a fan of wildlife and birds and love anything natural. Juliex

  6. I LOVE those shell buttons! The bottom pic with your colorful jars is a happy little pic!

  7. oh my, that looks like an Aladins Cave :-) I love collecting things like that is jars, so pretty.

    hhmmm what do I love, well buttons, felt, birds and all things pretty :-) oh and chocolate :-)

  8. What a colourful collection of pretty embelishments - like the rows of jars. I love seasonal things, soft colours, birds and of course cats:)

  9. Love your collection of embellishments and like you I'd get them out to look at and then put them away again (or sometimes not!) I love any tiny bits and bobs that I can incorporate into my crazy patchwork in any colours as my patchwork is all sorts of colours. My tastes are pretty eclectic!


  10. Oooh, you have a good selection of pretties! I love all those sorts of things too. The buttons are really lovely :)

  11. I like those natural shell buttons. I like things that come in any shape or size. I like brights and pastels. I like to be entered into your lovely giveaways! x

  12. A girl after my own heart. I too have jars of buttons, flowers and sparkly things as well as ribbons, beads and bows. I also collect fabrics and wool and and felt. Vintage glass candlesticks and cake stands. Old Enid Blyton books and so much more.
    If I had a bigger house I would collect more. x

  13. I am wholeheartedly presenting myself for your giveaway, and promise not to push in the line! Suns love jewels to stick on things, but I adored the houses you made last week! I'm trying to find Wind in the Willows cards to send to all Willows participants- maybe I could commission some from you....

  14. Simone, So good to meet you.
    Just now I'm sitting here in rural Wisconsin with my morning coffee and my buddy Dovey watching the bird feeders while I soak up your amazing blog. And just one of 4! You are one talented and busy lady.
    Your collections are lovely. I never consciously collect, I'm just attracted to the same things time and time again. Pinecones, embroidery threads, cotton fabrics, rubber stamps, stencils, colored glass, plants, colored pencils, paper punches, beautiful papers, recipes clipped from magazines, to name a few.
    I too, can't resist watching for sunsets. Yours here is very lovely, especially with the lantern silhouette. I hope you won't mind if I add a link to you on my blog.

  15. Simone,
    So glad to have met you through our blogs.
    I'm enjoying my morning coffee with my buddy Dovey perched on the edge of my sewing table watching the birds at the feeders outside the french doors. It's snowing here in rural Wisconsin, very softly today with little wind. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. You are one beautiful and busy lady!
    I don't consciously collect things, I'm just attracted to the same things time and time again. Pinecones, colored glass, rubber stamps, stencils both brass and tin, colored papers, colored pencils, luscious cotton fabrics, plants especially African violets and ivies, recipes from magazines, cross stitch and crochet threads, patterns, candles.
    I also love watching the light as it changes throughout the day and anticipating each of the seasons as they arrive. Your sunset photo with the silhouette of the lantern is so very charming. I hope you won't mind if I add your blog as a link from mine. I want to be able to visit you often.

  16. Simone,
    I am attracted to so many of the things you love: laces, ribbons, beads, bits of fibery yarns, and of course, cats!
    Oh, and I do love felt and wool roving. I, too, feel like I want to put some of these embellishments to use in my crafts.
    Looking forward to seeing who wins your giveaway!!

  17. Lovely collections! It's so fun to collect little bits of stuff for creating. Buttons are some of my favorites and anything flowery! And of course, fabric and yarn and ribbons and glitter (which I haven't used yet, but looks so pretty on my shelf).

  18. Hello Simone!

    I envy your tidy jars there, I wish I were so neat (getting there, but not quite yet!).
    I like alot of the things you have mentioned, the seasons, wool, beads and buttons...oh heck, I like ALL of it!
    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  19. i do love your pretty pretty post. particularly those gorgeous buttons, they are so unusual.
    i like and collect all kinds of lovely things. prefering pastels, neautrals and brights to dark colours. i have a fondness for nature and animal themes as well as the faery realm.
    my two Linden Grove fairies here love to frolick among my indoor plants :o)

    sending warmest hugs xxx


  20. Do you know I work in a very dangerous place! I work in a craft shop and I have packets of lots of things like you collect, I have a draw full I have bought over six years, I never ever come home with my full wages, just as well I get paid daily!!
    I love that sort of thing!
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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