Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Good Day

Today is a good one. See that shaft of sunlight across Popcorn's leg? Well, that is because the sun has come out!!! I haven't seen a glimpse of the sun for weeks!!!

I let the hens have a while to free range but they preferred to play games and follow each other in a circle. Daft birds!

A sunny but frosty day.

The cornflower blue sky fills me with so much hope.

I even managed to hang some washing outside to dry. So what if it is as stiff as cardboard when I bring it back inside later. At least I had the pleasure of hanging it out, listen to the birds sing and feel uplifted in a way that I haven't felt in ages.

I am humming the theme tune to Little House on the Prairie, imagining I am in a long cotton dress and sunbonnet and running up a hill! 'Da da dada, da da da, da da dada.............!


KC'sCourt! said...

You sound very positive!
I haven't dared to hang washing on the line yet - but I just might if the sun stays shining for awhile - it comes in so much fresher and easier to iron!
Its sunny here too, it is so much brighter today
Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

Sal said...

It's such a beautiful day here too...a completely blue sky, which is so cheering!
Have a lovely week, Simone ;-)x

Rosie said...

Beautiful day here too although still very cold. Doesn't a bit of sunshine lift the spirits and make you look forward to Spring?

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Same here today, sunny but cold!!
It's certainly true that the sun lifts the spirits, I can definitely see a little stretch in the evenings now too!
Vivienne x

Rosie said...

The sun always make things feel a bit better doesn't it? It is very sunny with us but cold. x

Kathy said...

We've had blue skies here too ... makes you feel so much better! My washing is still draped on radiators though. Well done you for getting yours outside!

amanda claire said...

Oh doesn't a bit of sun make all the difference in the world! I have actually spent the past couple of days clearing out the house as "Spring Cleaning" caught me as soon as the sun appeared... and my windows are now sparkly (on the inside at least) as the sun showed every single smudge and smear so clearly they just had to be cleaned so the beams shining through could be as perfect as possible *happy sigh* xx

*✿* millie meadowsweet *✿* said...

i love the little house on the prairie image :o)
we were blessed with the suns rays today too.
aww...i wish i had enough room to keep chickens. your photos are beautiful.

Puppet Lady said...

Fantastic blue skies here too. So cheering for the soul!

The Girl said...

I hung washing out for the first time today too! And I opened all the windows.

Ok I did have to shut them after about an hour because I was freezing and the pillow cases are now on the radiator because they didn't dry before it got dark but who cares!?!?!


Vintage Tea Time said...

Yes, I agree with you and with all your commenters - more sunny, bright days please! It's amazing the difference it makes.

periwinkle said...

You sound very happy today , I awoke to sun today too and snow - was lovely and bright - so much better than grey .

pebbledash said...

It seems it's been rather lovely everywhere! More of the same please... and a very belated happy new year to you Simone. I hope it's a positive and uplifting one.
Diana and Walter Dog xxx

Judy Hartman said...

What an uplifting post! I love your chickens and can imagine how lovely your clothes must have smelled when you took them inside and thawed them out!!
Sunshine is wonderful, isn't it?

pamela said...

Everytime I see a blue sky I think of paint charts, hmmm;) The sun has been so nice though. Snowdrops soon!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

dear Simone

i just want to say a really big thank you for your warmth and support and tell me how much i appreciate your friendship.

my son would say 'you're a star', it is what you are xxx



Helen Philipps said...

Such a lovely post - how nice to see the hens running about in the sunshine again and blue sky with washing hanging out - lots of spring and summer days not too far off now! Have a lovely week. Helen x

cathleen said...
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Anne said...

Hi, Simone,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to have found yours, too.

Lovely post and what a lovely blog you have!

Lyn said...

A very Good Day!

Teresa said...

Loved this post! Walnut Grove would have a been a wonderful place to live, wouldn't it? :-)

The photo of the frosty leaf is beautiful!

"JeanneG" said...

And hoping the birds don't land on the line and add some color to your laundry. How unusual. I have never seen laundry hanging like this with the socks filling the empty space of the shirts, etc.