Thursday, 6 January 2011

Muscari, Laughter and Quote

The potted muscari are just coming into bud. It really is a hopeful sign when new shoots start springing up. Roll on spring!

I have been pondering recently for the reasons as to why I have been so down. I think it has a lot to do with reading and hearing about bad news stories and the medias unrelenting tales of woe and despair. I know that horrible things happen in this World but I don't need a constant drip, drip of gloom and doom everyday. I also know that lots of good things happen in the World and I am going to start to focus on happy things.

Whilst I was pondering (shouldn't do too much introspective thinking when feeling like this!) I started to think of how others may view my blog. Is it a true representation of who I am? Well, I am introspective and quite a private person but there is nothing really to show that I actually have a sense of humour although you wouldn't think it reading my posts some days! I am going to try and inject a bit more humour into my posts in the future.

As an antidote to the misery of the news and the gloomy weather and despairing story lines in Soaps etc, I am going to actively seek out laughter. I love to watch a good comedian or comedy show (I love the Big Bang Theory) and I am going to belly laugh until tears of laughter spurt from my eyes!!! Now there's an image!

'Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face' - Victor Hugo


  1. There does seem to be a lot of gloom at this time of year doesn't there? We have enough in the real world without soaps and dramas trying to outdo each other with 'tragedies' of one sort or another - I've stopped listening to the Archers this week so thank heavens for 'Larkrise' on Sunday - I can put on my rose-tinted glasses again:) I think I'll join you in finding things to make me laugh and smile - love today's quote:)

  2. My grandmother always said that 'a laugh is as good as a tonic' and I think she was right! I love it when something so plainly stupid makes you laugh until you cry, I think that's the best sort of laughter! :)
    Gorgeous little lupins, by the way!
    Vivienne x

  3. I know it's something that we should do but I never watch the news or really read newspapers either . I tend just to potter around in my own little bubble .

  4. My OH and I differ on this - he likes to listen to all the news broadcasts on the radio, then dwells on them (he's a 'glass half empty' man!). I like to know what's going on, but I don't need / want constant / frequent updates that can make you feel down. When I had to drive about a lot in my work, I often used to listen to comedy CD's (Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly)to cheer me up. And flowers always, always help me!

  5. There are a lot of good and heart-warming stories out there. The problem is the media do not regard them as 'newsworthy', so we rarely hear about them. I never watch/listen to the news first thing in the morning as its far too depressing. A good laugh is what you need at that time of day, so good luck with yours, and I'll look forward to your funny posts! Lol. (That's the first time I've ever written that!)

  6. I do think the media are responsible for spreading much of the doom and gloom at the moment ...
    I've been very down recently now I'm at the end of my bad year. I was much more positive and upbeat when I was in the middle of all my treatment and now it's all over and I'm completely cured I feel I should be much brighter and more cheerful. I've been reading your posts with interest Simone, because they've made me realise I need to be much more positive right now! Looking forward to some funny posts .. or maybe just some jokes!

  7. being a sensitive soul and having had a difficult childhood, i long ago learnt to protect myself from absorbing too many tagic stories. conversely i want to be aware of what is going on and not live in a bubble. i sometimes watch the television programme newsround as it is aimed at an audience of tender years, the stories are told in a very gentle way. this kind of takes the edge off the more harrowing stories and yet still keeps me informed.
    i have been involved in many causes in the past and again learnt to not take on too much. i now don't go looking for causes but am generally willing to help (if i am able) those that present themselves to me.
    one needs to keep a balance and we all differ in how we affected by the news.
    the most we can usually do is care for those close to us and try to avoid causing misery to others (by buying fairtraid etc.), if we try to do more we can become overwhelmed. some people can only just about manage to hold themselves together (i was in that position last year).
    i think laughter is indeed the best medicine. reading a book that makes you smile of a film that makes you laugh is a wonderful way to uplift yourself. also being kind to yourself with a scented baths, a walk in nature or a spontaneous bunch of flowers are all good mood enhancers. as is having a beloved pet like your Gizmo around.
    one thing that works for me is when i have a problem i give myself 1 hour per day max to think about it, that way i don't get too entrenched in all the worry but still have time to think up some practical solutions and if it can't be solved, i just let it go.
    what the heck? am i writing a book here? lol.
    btw i think your lovely, subtle sense of humour has always shone through.
    we all love you the way you are xxx

    be happy


    millie - sumea (yes, i'm finding it a bit strange too)

  8. oops! it said my last comment was too large to process!lol. not sure how much of it will show up.
    aw..the good bit was at the end too.

  9. I agree, Simone. I will not watch the news before bedtime, seek out comedies on TV and enjoy a good laugh or two (or three) every day! Our kitties give us plenty of chuckles and I really enjoy people with a sense of humor!

  10. To my shame, I don't actually watch the news so often have no idea what is going on... and if it is on tv or the radio I tune out. I cannot deal with it and I automatically do this... it doesn't mean I don't care, it just means that I don't need reminding of all the bad things (incidentally, I LOVE shows like "Have I Got News For You" and "Russell Howard's Good News" that focus on topical subjects in a lighter frame of mind!

    Your quotation reminds me of one of my favourites (though I don't know who said it) "The Earth Laughs in Flowers".. so, roll on Spring is all I can say xx

  11. I think you should say and be just what you are - life is a mix of ups and downs of bad things and good and our blogs probably reflect that. I don't think burying one's head in the sand helps but then neither does getting bogged down with what we can't do to make things better. As with most things in life it is finding the happy medium that's important. I love a good laugh but I can be as miserable and depressed as the next one and have come to the conclusion that this is fine - as long as we are not down all the time we are doing fine. After all without the down times we wouldn't appreciate the ups would we?!

    Love your little muscari plant.


  12. I echo what periwnkle said near the top of the comments here about being in my own bubble!
    Lots of flowers, books, creativity and not too much of the sensation-seeking news and fraught tv programmes! My husband keeps me up to date with any important news as he's a newsaholic! I hope you find serenity in all you do. And I do love the pretty muscari! Helen x

  13. I very often feel like this, and yeaterday was particularly a struggle. I need to sleep lots and stop eating all the rubbish food lying around from Christmas. This evening we all hunkered down and watched Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. Now I know I have lost all powers of intelligent thought since the suns came to pervade, but I could honestly recommend her for HUGE feel good factor! Even after a day at my very challenging secondary school, just what the land of the Tearful Starwberries would need! And I haven't even said Happy New Year- Happy New Year, Simone- I look forward to another year of you!

  14. I understand your sentiments here. For me, it's important that I limit the amount of negative that gets into my mind. And I try to get my news earlier in the day so I don't go to bed with awful images and gloomy thoughts in my mind. Last thing at night it's positive, relaxing, encouraging things only around our house.


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