Friday, 21 January 2011


I am struggling today. Even though the sky has brightened up the January blues seem to have set in. Anyway, I am determined to keep my positive attitude up. The first snowdrops have started to show and I can see new life emerging from the fallen leaves around the garden.

Yesterday the postman brought me this lovely bag that I won at Vivienne's giveaway. It is so beautifully made and I can imagine the hours of work that she put into it. She even added little beads to the hang tag. Her thoughtfulness made me feel very happy.

This has set me thinking about the things that make me happy or at least quietly contented!

  • attention to detail
  • Gizmo purring loudly
  • a spark of inspiration
  • an engaging book
OK, the list isn't very long but like I said I am struggling at the moment to find the positive! What makes you happy? Maybe your suggestions will make me happy too?


  1. Same here Simone, just taken a vit D!
    Super lucky you with that win, Vivienne was very generous!!

    I've just been looking back at my garden on my blog, thats making me happy, and making me wish for spring to arrive now!!


    If nothing else works, I find a tipple of something nice always cheers me up!

    have a happy weekend x

    word-chiparim :)

  2. Your post struck a chord with me today, as I've been struggling all week ... mainly due to the lack of sleep caused by my 'meds' these days.

    I'm happy today because I'm not at work
    The sun is shining
    I can see hope of spring in the garden

    That bag would make me happy too!

    I'm going for a long walk later ... that should cheer me up too!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. The thing that really lifts my spirits is to be able to have a good long walk somewhere pretty, to be able to see some trees, even if they are without leaves and to enjoy some good air in my lungs. Follow that with a nice cuppa and some biscuits...much better.


  4. A brisk walk in the sunshine usually does it for me. If the sun isn't shining, a walk still helps, but sunny is better. That's a very pretty bag, very neatly made.

  5. Lovely to see your snowdrops, and the gorgeous bag from Vivienne - love the little beaded tag, such a thoughtful little extra.
    I find that being occupied doing things I love is what keeps my spirits up. Small pleasures, things to look forward to, a sense of getting something done, a walk in the fresh air, a chat with a friend especially one who makes me laugh, and a good book to read...Hope your spirits rise and you feel happy and energised and have a lovely weekend. Helen x

  6. what makes me happy simple - chocolate ;-)

  7. I do sympathise - I sometimes get the winter blues (shhh but so far this year I haven't had my usual January dose!) Love the bag and the little beaded tag too - lucky you.

    What cheers me up? A chat with a friend - a walk even if it's raining - a nice cup of tea and a shiny new magazine - seeing the first spring flowers - blue skies ..... lots of little things really though when I am feeling down it's sometimes difficult to actually see the little things!!

    Hope you will feel better soon.

    Jane x

  8. Spring will soon be here - keep smiling if you can. xxx

  9. Just wrote you a comment, then it said error or something....I'll try again... Lovely bag - that would help to cheer me up! What makes me happy? - seeing my grandchildren, holidays, flowers, being in the garden, being in a much better relationship than before..... Have a good weekend X

  10. Enjoy wearing your pretty new bag made with so much love!
    Happy weekend! :)

  11. Hi Simone, well the fact that you like the little bag makes me very happy!
    I've just bought some new yarn today and that makes me happy, I didn't need it but it was lovely and now I'm thinking about what I can make with it and it was a bargain too!
    The lighter evenings make me happy too and I can definitely see the days getting longer. The fact too that I know spring really is just around the corner is uplifting. How about a brisk walk or some new clothes, they usually do it for me too.
    Have a great and hopefully a very happy weekend. :)
    Vivienne x

  12. What a lovely bag and how wonderful to see some snowdrops! What has made me happy today? My cats, starting to read a new book, a long walk, a chat with a friend and my sister, too, also to see a bit of sun today and the most beautiful red sky outside my window as I write this comment. Have a good weekend, Simone:)

  13. Sorry you're feeling down. Your list of what makes you happy is a good one. Little details always capture my attention. Flowers (lucky you with the snowdrops!), especially those that smell good. Something good to eat or drink. Cooking or baking. A favorite sweater or blanket wrapped around me on a cold day.

    Hope you're able to move out of your funk soon!

  14. this is a lovely post Simone.
    you have found a wonderful way of keeping the winter blues at bay and i was so happy when i saw you had won Vivienne's beautiful bag.

    you have inspired me to make a list of all the good things in each day, it kind of brings it home more putting it in writing, i think. it's good to think about all those special details and precious moments.

    wishing you a lovely weekend xxx


  15. Simone, I too suffer from wintertime blues, but here is what makes me feel better:
    -An involving movie
    -being around positive people
    -making something pretty such as a card or drawing
    -cleaning out a drawer or closet (a sense of order lifts my spirits)
    -reading a book or blog about positivity
    -reading blogs like yours!
    Hang in there Simone! xxxx

  16. I have to agree with the many walk suggestions here! I also read this week that kite-flying has been found to alleviate blues of up to moderate order- but it seems a little too energetic for me! Food is always good! And you are a domestic goddess where that is concerned! I wasn't up to a cake bake yesterday,as you will have noticed, but I cherish the memory of those apple scones you made a while back! Willows made me inordinately happy this week- I think because of the warmth of everyone involved. Blogging has brought an unexpected depth of community that very much appreciate when I feel "stuck".

  17. Hi Simone,
    I hope you're feeling a little brighter now. I find getting outside invariably brightens my mood - being out playing with my boy, surrounded by nature, and breathing deeply and slowly. Have a lovely weekend.
    Diana x

    Ps lovely lovely bag - bet that lifted your spirits!

  18. a beautiful sunset
    a lovely comment on my blog
    a bird on my birdfeeder on a cold and frosty morning
    a cat curled up on my knee
    a new book to read
    hope you are a little happier today?

  19. I am so pleased it's your turn to win a giveaway Simone. I always go and win yours! I hope you have had a happy day today. What makes me happy is any day I don't have to go into work! x


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