Saturday, 26 February 2011

Waking from Slumber

My moods have swung like a pendulum this week.  When the day is bright, so am I, but when the rain won't stop falling, and the sky is grey and gloomy, I just want to slide back into hibernation.  Even Gizmo wants to stay inside in the warm!

I went for an afternoon nap today.  I have so many dreams at night I feel I am living another life in my sleep!  I woke up with a start as my bedroom was filled with golden light.  Just as the sun was about to go down there was a beautiful sunset and I felt hopeful again of the better days to come.

 I took my camera with me as I went out into the garden to lock up the hens for the night.

 The sky was so beautiful and a good omen for the weather tomorrow.

Something caught my eye as I was looking skyward and there in a clearing, through the trees, on the top of the workshop, a fox stared straight back at me.


  1. Hi Simone, I have been like you this week and up and down with my moods.
    We saw the beautiful sunset here in the south and it reminded me of those summer nights when the red sky meant a lovely day to follow. At least Spring is on it way. Gizzmo looks happy x

  2. Wonderful photos Simone, especially Mr Fox. I hope your hens are all tucked up in a safe place. We had a lovely bright day here today, and even though it was still cold it almost felt like spring was on its way!

  3. Isn't it amazing how sometimes the beautiful comes just when we need it most?

  4. Beautiful sky photos - and love the one of the fox. The black moods are such a pain - hang in there, warmer, brighter times ahead (saying that to myself as much as you!!) Abby x

  5. Oh Gizmo, I could eat you up!

    We've had some lovely sunsets too - always as I'm driving home from work and gone by the time I've rushed in the house for my camera :(

  6. Gorgeous sky and a gorgeous Gizmo (of course)!
    What a stroke of luck to get the fox on camera, be careful with your chickens though.
    Vivienne x

  7. I know exactly what you mean about moods more downs than ups lately but I am trying really hard to stay up. Trying to snaffle any bit of sunshine helps. Hope that pesky fox doesnt get your chickens - take care xx

  8. The days do indeed feel more spring like and this is such a good thig. I love your photos, of course Gizmo is a cutie but the fox stole the show!

  9. Wonderful photos, Simone.
    Hope your mood evens out ~ there is so much beauty in the world, I hope it continues to inspire you.
    Judy xx

  10. We've had two evenings of beautiful skies here even after horrible, wet days - like today! Your photos are lovely especially Mr Fox - how lovely to sleep and wake up to a golden light - must have lifted your spirits to see such beauty:)

  11. A chance glimpse into a fleeting moment?
    An offered feast for the ravenous soul. Creation hugging you close.
    Feel the glad.
    And thank you for sharing.

  12. So glad you got to your hens before Mr. Fox did. It has been a topsy-turvy week for weather, and like you, I find it affects my mood. It is uplifting to see such pretty evening colours, bringing a promise of a good day ahead. Nothing wrong with a little cat-nap now and again - as Gizmo proves!

  13. What lovely atmospheric pictures. How clever to catch that one of the fox! A bit worrying him being there if you have chickens nearby though...! Hope you have a happy week ahead.
    Helen x

  14. Hi just found your blog, lovely.
    Don't worry about the afternoon nap, I have one most days as if I didn't I wouldn't make it past 9 o'clock in the evening.
    I love you Gismo, he so reminds me of my beautiful kitty who died a while ago.
    Your fox is gorgeous, we feed a couple of foxes each night, such a privilege to be so close to them they are such handsome creatures.
    Will pop back.

  15. Gizmo looks as if he is just about to dig his claws in! x


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