Thursday, 24 February 2011

Keeping Busy

Following the advice of my blogging buddies (thank you for all your support and kindness on my last post) I have been busy making and doing and getting out and about.  Today I went to one of my favourite places.  I love the bohemian feel of Covent Garden in London and feel very at home around there.

 It was a bright and sunny day and the colourful shops lifted my spirits.

 I got to visit the shops that I like (bought a lovely big chunk of Rose Quartz in the shop above).....

 ....and my son got to go in the shops he likes such as the Forbidden Planet comic book store that is a haven for a soon to be teenage boy.

Yesterday I went on a jewellery making course local to where I live.  It was just a small group of four of us and a tutor.  The first thing I made was the bracelet above.  It is really heavy and has loads of bling!

 We then made earrings........................

 .............and then seed bead bracelets.

 I think I enjoyed making the clasp most of all, shaping the wire around into spirals with round nosed pliers.

I also made a pretty necklace with faceted glass beads and used crimp beads to hold them in place.  I thoroughly enjoyed making the jewellery.  The hardest part of the course was choosing what beads to use!


  1. You go girl!!
    I havent been to London for ages, I love portabello best.

    What you baking tomorrow?
    I feel like baking something!

    Love that bracelet.

    Clare :)

  2. I LOVE Covent Garden and have not been for years. You made some lovely things. I hope you are feeling a bit better. xxxxxxxxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed your time in Covent Garden - it certainly has a buzz doesn't it? Love the jewellery you made too and that must have helped boost your mood?


  4. Oh Simone, these photos of Covent Gardens make me salivate as much as you with your Japenese papers! Just catching up on your recent posts- all fabulous, all honest, all you! The potato print chicken, though, is definitely my favourite!

  5. I love that first photograph of Covent Garden - it's so colourful (and quaint)! Love the jewellery you made too, especially the seed bead bracelet - well done!

    Julia:0) x

  6. Goodness, you've taken me on a trip down memory lane! I worked in Covent Garden in my twenties (yes, I know, ages and ages ago!) and was in Neal Street all the time!

    Lovely jewellery you've made. Hope you're feeling brighter.
    Walter and me xxx

  7. Wonderful photos of what looks like an amazing place to visit. Colorful and inspiring and just what you needed!!

    Your jewelry is lovely!

  8. pretty jewellery - I love the delicate blue bracelet
    Julie xxxxxx

  9. Oooh, I love Covent Garden too - haven't been for ages! LOVE the jewellery you made - what a fab thing to do. Glad you feel happier today! X

  10. You sound so much better today. I'm glad you got out and about. Covent Garden is such a good place to cheer you up!
    I love your jewellery. I'm very tempted to have a go but so far my sensible head had stopped me from starting yet another craft!!!

  11. The colours of the buildings in Covent Garden are just brilliant!
    So glad you and your son had a lovely day out in London. :)
    I love all your jewellery, especially the seed bead bracelet, such a pretty colour.
    Vivienne x

  12. Now I'm glad not sad! Great to hear you've been out and about and to such exciting places too. It must be about 10 years since I last visited London, I've turned into such a country bumpkin.
    I love the clasp on your bracelet. I've done a little bit of wirework but nothing as lovely as that. Looking forward to seeing more - I found stocking up on my bead supplies to be a very tempting pleasure.

  13. I love the jewellery you are making.I would love to be able to do a course like that. the colours of the buildings in Covent Garden are enough to cheer anyone up.
    It's good to hear you are feeling better. xxx

  14. What a super post, Simone. Glad you had a great day out in Covent Garden - it's ages since I went there but it does have a great buzz. Your jewellery is lovely and it sounds as if you had a great time learning how to make it:)

  15. I'm so glad you had a great time in Covent Garden - I love it too. Your jewellery looks gorgeous - I think choosing from all the beads is something I would find hard too! So glad you're feeling better. Have a great weekend. Helen x

  16. So pleased you're feeling a bit better (I wasn't sure what to say last time and coudn't think of how to help). Convent Garden looks lovely - I've never really had a chance to wander round there. Your jewellry is fantastic, especially the seed bracelet and clasp - I couldn't dream of making that. Juliex

  17. Hello lovely :)

    I haven't been to Covent Garden for a long time, and the pictures really took me back to some nice times - it's a great place isn't it? I liked reading about the big chunk of rose quartz you got for yourself, I have one by my bed - it's a good stone for love you know!
    Well done on your jewellery, it's stunning and so many designs! Glad you enjoyed yourself, sending love, Julia x x x

  18. Hello lovely Simone. I wanted to email you to say a huge thank you for your message when I was feeling so poorly. I have just read your last post and want to say how much I love reading your blog - up or down in mood - and how very talented you are. Don't let the grey days get you too far down and don't be hard on yourself if they do. I have learned that the grim bits pass and things do improve but you have to keep a look out for the slight lift and grab it by the horns. Sending you much love xx

  19. I'm sorry I wasn't here to send you hugs on your last post , I do hope that you are feeling a bit better now. Hub and I are going to London for a night in April but we are going to see a band in Shepherds Bush... so excited

  20. wow being down really makes you create gorgeous things! Those sparklers are just lovely - what fab makes. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. x

  21. What a great place to visit! I love shopping districts like this!
    And about that jewelry making goodness, you accomplished so much!! I love every single piece!!
    And I, too, admire that silver clasp.
    So glad you were able to get out and do something for yourself. Take it slow and I hope you continue to feel better.


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