Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Blip

I am going through a blip in life at the moment.  My desire to put on a happy face is proving to be extremely challenging.  Once again I am going through a period of self doubt - self loathing even.  I don't know where or why this feeling comes over me.  It is a real pain. 

One of my teeth crumbled away as I bit on a sugared almond at the weekend.  Now I look as ugly on the outside as I am feeling on the inside.

This feeling is temporary I know.  Normal service will be resumed in a few days.  Thank you for listening.


  1. I know exactly how you are feeling, I did eaxctly the same with the hazelnut in the middle of Ferror Roche Chocolate. I have been going through a blip for a long time, so I decide to write my biography just for me, I have no intentions of letting anyone else read it, but I am getting the 'crap' out of my system by doing it.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Simone,

    Sending you virtual hugs and good thoughts. Sorry to hear that you're feeling so bad. I hope the feelings pass soon.

    Take good care of yourself and do some of your favorite cheering things. No need to put on a happy face. Accept how you feel and let your feelings run their course.

  3. Seems to be a lot of this about at the moment. Hope you feel better soon x

  4. hope you feel better soon, i understand completely how 'the blues' can hit seemingly out of nowhere.
    BH x

  5. Sorry you're feeling low - I hope things look up soon..

  6. So sorry you're feeling low right now ... so I'm sending you a big bloggy hug and lots of positive wishes, just like you do for me when I have bad days! I think it's this endless winter making us all feel so miserable. I'm sure things will improve so much when spring comes! I've finally got some miniature daffs beginning to flower!
    Lots of love Kathy xxx

  7. When those feelings of insecurity and doubt come from seemingly nowhere they can hit you for six. Take care and be kind to yourself - you will feel better once your tooth is sorted out but take things one day at a time and don't worry if you don't feel like smiling. Hope you feel better soon:)

  8. Poor you - virtual hugs to you. I'm sure this dull, grey weather's not helping. I guess it's different for everyone, but I find getting out helps - I've felt quite low today, but I went out for a walk at lunchtime, then swimming this evening - seemed to help. But I know that sometimes you can't summon up the energy to do those things. Make sure you're eating well? 'Good' foods like blueberries, macadamia nuts, olives, etc.... Take care X

  9. Simone,
    I'm sending you healing energy and the grace that is love and the admiration of a new friend.
    Think on this, those with the most tender hearts have the deepest feelings.

  10. Sorry you're not feeling so good Simone! Hopefully it will pass soon. Make sure you get out and about, I think that's very important!
    Don't doubt yourself, you're a very talented person with many gifts and don't worry about the tooth, easily fixed, Sugared almonds, they look so pretty but they're so lethal!!!
    Vivienne x

  11. Simone,
    sorry you are finding it hard to smile at the moment. Like all the above comments I send hugs and hope the mood lifts for you very soon. Can you not talk to your doctor, I know drugs may not be the answer but They may have other advice for you.
    Spring is on it's way and I am sure this will help.
    Thinking of you

  12. Sorry to hear you are feeling low. I'm sure the weather doesn't help at all. So many people I know have felt the same. Exercise is good for us but it's not easy to summon up the energy is it? I have to force myself to go to Zumba but I come out feeling so much better.Just walking has the same effect.
    Maybe a few nice days of sunshine and your tooth sorted and you'll feel much better.xxx

  13. Hello Simone,
    I'm sad to hear that you're feeling so low. I expect the fact that you post about these feelings is a good sign and shows you need to talk and feel the benefits of "listening" to others. If you ever felt things are really getting out of control you would go and seek professional help, please. I hope things lift for you soon, in the meantime just keep on going. A good walk in the fresh air is said to be one of the most beneficial things you can do to lift the spirits. At this time of year just hearing the racket the birds are now making (not sure you'd call it birdsong just yet!) is a good sign that time spent outdoors is soon going to be getting better and better.
    Anne x

  14. Sending you a big hug Simone and hope you feel better soon. I had a tooth break about a month ago. It's a horrible feeling but I felt so much better when it was sorted out. Take care.


  15. oh sweet heart, remember this is just a blip and it will pass with time. Get crafty and I am sure that will make you feel better, I know you probably don't feel like you want to do it but make yourself - oh and a lovely warm drink and cake whilst crafting. A big virtual hug to you . xxx

  16. So sorry to hear you're having a horrible week. Your artwork is always beautifully done, and your writing both on your blog and in your lovely comments is so thoughtful, so there is no reason for self doubt. Try not to worry about your tooth - it can soon be put right. And have a nice walk in the fresh air - somehow things never look so bad when you've been out for a walk, no matter how sad you feel before. Hope you feel loads better very soon. Helen x

  17. Well Simone last week I bit on a ryvita and chipped my tooth too!!!

    I got over it by emailing ryvita and got £4 in vouchers! Little things can make you smile.

    Bet as soon as the sun pops out, life will get better!


  18. So sorry you're feeling low. I could say that it happens to us all from time to time but that doesn't necessarily help you now. Be easy on yourself. Get out into the fresh air. And hey - if you don't feel like smiling, then a broken tooth doesn't matter, does it? It can be fixed, and so can you.

  19. Oh Simone, so sorry I did not read this post sooner.
    From glancing at your most recent post, I get the sense you might be feeling a bit better. But no need to put on a happy face all the time. You are a wonderful person - that fact fairly shines through your blog. I don't know what your situation is, but I wish you every good thing in your life and a cheerier outlook in days to come.
    A big hug from me, to add to all the others you have received. This blogging community is a wonderful, warm place and you have many friends here,
    Be well. xxx

  20. Simone, I am so sorry I missed this. I have been laid low with yet another cold bug, and have been well and truly off the radar for which seems like ages. Hope that horizon is looking brighter at this moment in time. x


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