Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A New Hobby

Thanks to Clare I have taken up another hobby!  I have never attempted patchwork before but have been inspired and encouraged by Clare's enthusiasm, tutorials and wonderful patchwork that she produces.

Most of the crafts that I do, require quite a bit of money to be spent on them but I see that patchwork can be quite frugal if you want it to be as all you need is fabric, a needle, some cotton for tacking and sewing, cardboard for a template and scraps of paper to make the hexagons.  I think I will want to spend money on beautiful fabrics though, so maybe it's not quite frugal as I first thought!

I was supposed to be doing housework but got distracted making my first lot of hexagons.  Fabric hexagons are wrapped around papers and tacked together.  The next fun bit will be sewing the shapes together.  I can see this becoming an addiction!

Thank you for all the comments regarding the moon in my last post.  Today in the Northern hemisphere the moon is waning and ascending.   According to a guide that I have, if you are going to be planting onions or shallots, it is best to plant them when the moon is descending  on the 20 - 22nd March in the morning.  March is the last chance to prune apple trees, when the moon is descending from 13-24th March.  I have taken this information from a book called 'in tune with the moon 2011'.  I have no idea if the advice works but if you haven't had much success in growing things maybe it is worth giving it a try!


  1. Good for you giving patchwork a go!
    I think you may right though in that the fabric temptation may put paid to the frugal bit!!
    I must admit I have been tempted myself and seeing Clare's beautiful patchwork is very encouraging.
    Vivienne x

  2. Oh dear........once you start patchwork you will never put it down. Well I haven't and I started it as a teenager. Went to Liberty's in London in the mid seventies and saw hand sewn tablecloths price in three fugures then! I made one took me nigh-on a year and still have it somewhere, and I haven't stopped! Its very relaxing, well I find it is.

    I have heard of planting in cycles of the moon and they say it does work.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Ooh I cannot wait to see how you get on! My Grandma helped me start a patchwork quilt for our bed, but I found I lost interest when I had to try and stitch a bit here and a bit there on my lunch breaks as I never got very far and a whole quilt by hand seemed so daunting... maybe I'll pick it up again now I have a bit more time on my hands though xx

  4. Oh dear, we pruned our apple tree last weekend. I hope it wasn't too soon. It's a crab apple - I usually leave the fruit for the birds to enjoy in the winter. Good luck with your new hobby - I think it can be quite addictive. Better than doing housework, anyway!

  5. I used to do patchwork too many moons ago. If you have a look at some of my first ever posts on my blog you can see the cover I did entirely by hand . I still never finished it!!

  6. Hi, I am into crazy patchwork at the moment, you can see it on my blog.
    The good thing about the hexagons is that you can literally do it anywhere as it is small and can be carried around.
    You've got me thinking I ought to start one to take downstairs and work on in the evening.

  7. Good luck with the patchwork - I used to do lots. It is a pretty portable craft. Sensible stuff re the moon - definitely worth following. Abby x

  8. Thats another thing I want to have a go at! the fabrics youuhave chosen look very spring-like, I am looking forward to seeing the end result! now I had better get out there and plant my onions!!

  9. a great start Simone .... and you WILL become addicted!!

    Julia x

  10. I haven't done much patchwork either, Simone, but this pattern looks positively addictive!! I love your fabric choices!

  11. yay Simone you've made my day!!
    they look beautiful!!

  12. I love the colours you have chosen for your patchwork - very fresh and spring looking. I'll try to remember to plant onions on 20th March - I should remember the date as it is a friend's birthday:)

  13. I love paper pieced patchwork - it's very soothing to make somehow, and rather addictive. You've made a great start and now you have you may find it hard to stop! Enjoy your patchwork and have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  14. Simone,
    You are embarking on a most satisfying handwork project! Your hexagons will become what is called a honeycomb quilt. The hexagon itself is a powerful symbol, representing the zen of the beehive, the "wired manors" of chickens, and the feminine. Your fabric choices are luscious. Please share more about this as it progresses.

  15. I'm so excited to see you doing some patchwork! I've always wanted to try hexagons, but have stuck to the more simple squares and rectangles. Your hexagons are looking wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  16. OOh looking good!! Have you googled for free fabric swatches I know CK does them I know they arent huge but they might help a little bit?? xx

  17. Your new hobby looks interesting. Look forward to seeing the finished article x


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