Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Motoring Pageant 2011 (Part 2)

 It was difficult to choose a favourite car at the pageant but the lipstick red coloured ones drew my attention.

These field singers in their 1940's outfits also drew admiring glances as they sang 'Mr sandman.....bring me a dream...'

 The shiny jetstream and airstream caravans looked as though they has just landed from outer space.

 A duck egg blue Austin, I am sure would meet with approval from many of my blogging friends.

 A curvy two tone Dodge.

This car owner had a sense of humour.  The sign says ' only lean on me if you are in the nude as buttons and zips damage my bodywork'!

 A VW camper van.  Now I NEED one of those!

 A silver corvette.

 A bright turquoise Chevrolet.

 Back to the reds.

Red, curvy and chromed.  A winning combination!


  1. Oh Simone, the duck egg blue Austin is so beautiful!! I think I might even learn to drive if I had one of those!
    I also love the green VW Camper Van, I think I could live the hippy life in one of those. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. We actually had a camper van for a very short time, when we were much younger, but we couldn't afford to run it as it did about 12 miles to the gallon, and we didn't have another car at the time. We had to give it up. Sigh!!!
    Mr B. would love an Airstream ... he's got the catalogue and dreams about 'one day'. Meanwhile we're happily tootling around in our little two berth caravan.
    Your photographs are stunning. I love the red ones too!

  3. Hi Simone,
    The motoring pageant looks like an interesting day out. You got some lovely photos, I think my favourite is the yellow Riley too. I always hankered after an Austin Healey 3000 but dont't think I will ever get one now!x

  4. I think my hubby would have loved this Motoring Pageant.Where was it? It looked well worth the visit.

  5. Some gorgeous vehicles! We had many VW campers when our girls were young - great when they work, but our often seem to break down in Southern Spain, or on a ferry or somesuch!! Abby x

  6. Love the camper van and the duck-egg blue austin! Looks like you had a super day:)

  7. I loved your motoring pageant posts, Simone! The colours of some of those old cars are so beautiful - I don't know why I drive a grey car, looking at those!! The duck egg blue is my favourite one. Thanks for sharing the pix - looks like you had a great time! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  8. The red is a show stopper but I would be happy with the little Austin.
    Lisa x

  9. What a great pageant, I'd have loved it there. My daughter actually has a red Chevy truck with white walled tyres! I was so surprised when she bought it.

  10. Lovely photos Simone!
    I'm sure those vehicles seemed ultra modern when they were new!!

  11. Wow, Simone! That looks like an amazing pageant. So many beautiful cars to look at. Looks like lots of fun and lots to photograph. Thanks for taking us with you!

  12. More lovely photo's - courtesy of e-bay I managed to get one of the eat here get gas signs!!! lol

  13. I'm sure my great Grandpops had an Austin, or a car very similar. I don't like red cars, but love red motorbikes. x


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