Monday, 30 May 2011

Motoring Pageant 2011

 I attended a local motoring pageant yesterday.  As a non-driver, and not particularly fond of the look and design of today's modern cars, nevertheless, I absolutely adore British and American classic cars and if I was to own one I would definitely learn to drive it.

 Being a cat lover I was drawn to this Riley with a lovely little cat sitting on the radiator.

 The car owners put so much love and care into their upkeep and the chrome shone brilliantly in the sunshine.

 The finishing touches on the cars make all the difference.

 These ice cream coloured cars were among my favourites.

 I am not even a great lover of pink but I could easily fall for this car.

 If 'ice cream' is not your thing than why not opt for a Howes pure fruit lollie!

 This is a 'Singer' car and I thought they only made sewing machines!

 I just love these American signs.

 Beautiful bikes and American flags in the Route 66 Marquee.

A wonderful and inspiring day shared with motoring enthusiasts countrywide.


Kathy said...

I love your photographs ... you look like you've captured the day perfectly. I work with someone who is heavily into 'vintage cars' and travels the country to these shows. She might have been her!

Rosie said...

So glad you had such a good day out. I love old cars especially the pretty American ones. x

marigold jam said...

What fun! Love some of those old cars and if money were no objhect I'd love a Morgan - can just see myself with a long trailing scarf Isadora style driving it (or maybe not!)

KC'sCourt! said...

What is it about old cars.........? They don't make cars like they use to do they? My dad once owned a Baby Austin and a Morris Minor, the smell of those leather seats bring back memories.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Lisa said...

I agree, the modern ones don't do anything for me eihter.Love the ice creamcars. The pink one is something like the Pink Ladies in Grease would love!
Looks like a really interesting day out.
Lisa x

Julie said...

I love the cat in the top photos - wouldn't it be fun to drive around in a car like that! Juliex

Pipany said...

I would love to do the Brighton race in an old car like the film Genevieve. Big hats and fancy clothes...bliss x

Julia said...

I love the pink Cadillac! A garage near me used to have one just like that one and it was used in an episode of Emmerdale a few years ago for Charity's wedding!

Julia x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Aren't they all lovely and so shiny.
I would love the lolly van and the little cat is cute. :)
I'm not a big lover of pink either but there is something about a pink car. I don't drive but I could see my daughter in a pink car!
Vivienne x

Rosie said...

I'm like you, Simone as a non driver I can take or leave cars and don't mind what they are as long as they get me from A to B. But I love to see very old cars (as I do trains and planes) - I'm never sure about the difference between vintage and veteran - I love the car with the cat on its bonnet:)

Ali said...

Lovely photos - love the sign eat here and get get hmm think I need that for my kitchen xx

Michela said...

Ah, such perfect pictures! How cool the lollies van!
Have a lovely week!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Great photos - lovely old cars! A good day out. Hope you feel more 'up' now. Abby x

this is my patch said...

Great photos, and great angles Simone. How much time the enhusiasts must spend on their, I would think was an obsession. I wish my alloys came up good like those chrome wheels! My parents had a lovely Alvis when they were first married. I must dig out a photo! x