Saturday, 28 May 2011

Alone Again ..............................Naturally

My insecurities have gotten hold of me again.  I can quite easily bumble along through life and then out of the blue self doubt sets in.   I like to think that I come across as an amiable person through my blog and in my 'real' life too.  Something is not quite right though.  I don't seem to be able to form 'friendships' as other bloggers seem to be able to. People that used to comment on here or email me no longer do so even when I still support them on their blogs, yet I know they are still around because I see the comments that they leave on other people's blogs.  I understand if they no longer find what I say interesting (maybe they never did) but it makes me wonder if I have said or done something to offend them.  I hope not.

I feel very much like the buttercup above on the left.  The one on the outside whilst everybody else is grouped together on the right.  Maybe I detach myself purposely?  In some aspects this is true.  When I am alone or feeling melancholy I tend to produce better art, better poetry, deeper thoughts.  Today I am feeling very isolated.  It may be a good time to dig out the paints and see what happens.


Lori's page said...

Hi, shy approach from me too, listen, come to my blog and have a walk with me through a little part of Paris. I don't get many comments either, and once I got awfully down about it, but at that moment I thought that my thoughts and photos are on my blog firstly for me. I have a kind of track of viewers on my side bar, so I can see that people are seeing my posts, take some sort of an interest, but rarely leave a comment. So, you know what, I'm OK with that. Let them see it, but ultimately what I write on my blog is for me! Take my little advice, please yourself first also. Personally, I just discovered your beautiful leaves prints, I always wanted to do something like that, but never got round to it. Come over, we can have a blog "chat" of what our days have been, etc. I normally post once a week, how often do you come on blogland? Have a sunny day, and all the very best, Lori x

andamento said...

Hi Simone, sorry to hear you're feeling down. Comments can be a blessing and a curse - it's so nice to recieve them, but when you don't it does make you wonder why. You mention that people who used to comment no longer do. I'm probably one of those, but I have to say I notice it too on my blog. What I think it is is when people become familiar with you they don't feel the need to comment so regularly, I'm guilty of this when I visit blogs too. I visit every post of the blogs on my blogroll but often leave without a comment. When I discover a new blog I like, I feel I'd like that blogger to notice me and return the visit (almost as though I'm courting them!), whereas familiar blogs are treated like old friends and perhaps even taken for granted, or so it may seem. Please know that I always visit you every post and do usually enjoy my visits even if I don't get round to commenting all the time. You're still beating me in the average comments per post stakes too, so I think you're doing fine.

Michela said...

Sorry to hear how you're feeling today Simone. I'd only suggest you to not struggle about the number of comments you get, it's a matter of quality not quantity!
Anyway, I'm pretty sure your kindness and politeness have never offended anyone!

Pipany said...

Oh Simone, I am one of those who races through blogs at the moment, barely scanning them and then flying off again. Sometimes I leave comments and sometimes not, always meaning to pop back and never quite managing it. This is bad I know and I will work on it - so hard to find time for it all and yet it is my own fault for adding so many to my list! You are not isolated - I think the world of blogging has just moved on a little and the circle is so huge that people find time to read, but not to write comments. Hopefully this will change. Take care lovely xx

Michela said...

Sorry to read how you're feeling today Simone. I'd suggest you to not struggle about the number of comments you get, it's a matter if quality, not quantity!
Anyway, I'm pretty sure your politeness and kindness have never offended anyone!

Vintage Tea Time said...

I agree with what others have said - especially andamento's comment about treating some blogs like old friends, which obviously is a compliment. Life's very hectic anfd most of us are dashing in and out of Blogland. Look after yourself - you seem a lovely person. Depression - which I suffer from too - is such a pain! Abby x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Ah Simone, I do consider you to be a friend. I check your blog everytime I'm online to see if you have posted. I love what you have to say and your thoughts on life and your lovely artwork. I know there are many cliques in blogland, I can see that myself. My favourite blogs are written by people I know I would like in 'real' life.
Take care, I hope you feel better soon. Maybe today is the day you should paint that rose. :)
Vivienne x

Rosie said...

Oh, Simone - so sorry you are feeling low again. I know what you mean about comments, though I also know that at the moment blogger is having problems and lots of people are finding they can't leave comments. It is very hard sometimes to keep up with blogging and commenting - I have a few blogs - like yours - that I try and visit and comment on every time I see a new post pop up. I lost a follower the other day and wondered what on earth I'd done or said. I'm sure you have never caused any offence with your posts which are always interesting and thought provoking and I love reading them. Stay just the way you are:)

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh Simone,
I too agree with all the comments. You are really nice and would love to meet you.
I always read your blog, and like Rosie I lost a follower the other day too, and yes I wonder what I said too. My blog does what it says on the tin "A scrapbook of many things". Your blog is always interesting and wish I could write prose like you.
Julie xxxxxxx

summerfete said...

If I've not been commenting as much it's nothing to do with you Simone or your blog, it's just the fact that I read so many blogs, I find it hard to dedicate time to the same blogs continually. But this doesnt mean I am not loyal to my original blog friends.

I tend to go through stages of chatting with some folk and then not at all, it flips back and forth.
There are many bloggers who I consider friends (you inclu), who I read but dont comment on.

So please dont feel its anything youve done or not done.

I have found friends by joining groups that have similar interests
to me on flickr, where it's a bit more personalish.

Hope you feel more inspired soon,
maybe when the sun returns?


ps. I have found many really good un-noticed blogs, it's a big blog world out there..

summerfete said...

I just wanted to add that as my blog interests change I have a a bit of a delete fest on my blogroll. I get rid of blogs I no longer read.
Yours will never be deleted Simone.

Louise said...

You are one of my best blog friends Simone. Your blog is one of a few which I look into before I go to work every day! I guess I'm nosing to see what you are getting up to! x

Lisa said...

Lots of things I would say have already been said by others!
I enjoy my visits here, you are so very talented with all you make and I love your photos too.
Lisa x

Ali said...

I can relate to this post I keep toying with the idea of going into other aspects of my life apart from just the card making but when I have dipped my toe in I get one or two comments and then I start to think am I boring what can I do differently and then dont do anything and just go back to blogging about cards. If you enjoy what you do keep going dont worry about the comments (I know easier said than done!!) Take carew sweetie - big hugs xxx

sharon said...

You are a singular joy to me and I hope my comments, however far between they may appear, convey how much I admire you and the mindful, creative energies that manifest themselves in your daily "making a life." I have been absent from my own blog far too long and as a result absent from those of my dear friends. But please know I consider your blogger friendship a treasure and it has helped me take another step some many times when I've been immobilized by my present life situation. Sending healing, loving energies your way, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop feeling sorry for yourself. Really! Every few weeks you do this to yourself. Stop it. You have a lovely blog. Who really cares about the other bloggers! Write for you. YOU are the only one who really matters. Bloggers come and go. Does their opinions or comments really matter? I really don't think so. I learned the hard way. Simone, really.....let it go. Write, write, write, for YOU.

Anne said...

It's really hard to shake off fears and doubts and insecurities. I'm sorry you've been stuck in that uncomfortable and lonely point of view. Your blog is lovely and interesting and inspiring and you are a great, supportive bloggy friend. And you do seem to have a loyal following. Just hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. I hope your perspective shifts soon and you remember what a lovely person you are.

Rosie said...

Hi Simone, Please don't feel alone. I am sorry I don't always to read your blog or leave a comment. The weekdays when I am work I spend a short time on the computer in the evening and then I go on Facebook and catch up with my long distance family and friends. But I do at the weekend try to find time to read lots of lovely blogs including yours.
I am finding it difficult to keep up my blog but when I do write something I appreciate your comments and understand you must feel let down when you don't get many.
I have added several blogging friends to my Facebook so feel free to add me as a friend if you are on it. I was reluctant to join for years until I found my cousin who I hadn't seen for 20 years was on it.
I have also kept in touch with some lovely people who are no longer blogging.
Whatever you do keep positive. xxxx

penelope10 said...

I always read your blog! I don't always comment on alot of them.
To tell you the truth, I don't know if I could do a Blog and be comfortable. I would focus too much on the comments too. A blog is for you to do what you want and enjoy.
Keep doing what you are doing because alot of people love it!!

funkymonkey said...

I always read your blog posts Simone. I don't always comment because I don't always have anything very interesting to say....there you are....the fault is with me not you! Some days I just like reading and don't feel in the mood for commenting. What a confession!I wish I could make my blog as varied and as intersting as yours always is.


Amanda said...

Ah simone, it can feel quite lonely sometimes when you write and people don't comment. I have to say that sometimes I read but don't comment because I am so busy trying to desperately get through all the blogs I love to read that commenting on every single post would mean I wouldn't get through reading as many of them (if that makes sense?) I often also get very far behind on reading, like I am now, and have to try and read and comment on several posts on each single blog. It doesn't mean I'm not here, reading, enjoying and thinking of you... just that I am a poor organiser of my time!! xx

(Amanda from Amanda's Patch... I'm at my parent using their laptop and don't know my Typepad ID number off by heart so can't sign in as normal!)

Judy Hartman said...

I think your blog is VERY interesting and lovely, Simone!
Sometimes I read a post on a blog, but don't have time to formulate a comment , then forget to later. You get more comments than I do and I know people in our blog circle care about you.
By the way, I have not sent out your cat toy yet, but hope to get it in the mail tomorrow!!!