Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Emergency Vets Continued

Gizmo is home.  He did not have an x-ray or an operation. An over zealous private veterinary practice told me he would need emergency care and x-rays and most likely an operation as he was still being sick after being treated by them.  They said he could have an internal blockage caused by a foreign body or possibly a tumour. 

They reprimanded me for not returning to them sooner and said as it was a weekend (early Friday evening) he would now have to be seen by Medivet and we would be looking at a bill in excess of £1000.00 (bearing in mind we had already spent almost £300.00 with them).

I broke down crying (much to my embarrassment) and when the vet realised that I didn’t have the funds to pay for such drastic treatment she gave me details of my local RSPCA emergency veterinary surgery and said for us to get there immediately.

The RSPCA took him in, put him on a drip and monitored him for four nights. 

Today we went to pick him up. The bill was less than £30.00.

I don’t know if Gizmo’s troubles are over yet.  One thing I do know though is this: if Gizmo is ill again I will go straight to the RSPCA.  The building and the surrounding area may be dire and depressing but I felt that they gave my animal due care and attention.

I will not be returning to the private practice that has had many years of my custom.  I feel dismayed at their treatment of me and of Gizmo.  Their behaviour was unscrupulous, scaremongering and greedy.  They should be ashamed of their conduct.


KC'sCourt! said...

I think sometimes it does help if you do sho your feelings, I would be embarrassed. I thought they were the 'nice' vets I see not!
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

marigold jam said...

What a nightmare for you and for Gizmo. Do hope that his sickness was something he ate and that he will recover without any further treatment. I certainly wouldn't go back to the vet who was so mercenary. I took Tom on a Sunday to our vet thinking it would be very expensive and although she had had to come out specially to the surgery it cost only £85 including 2 injections and the consultation. The final bill after he had been there for 2 nights from Tuesday till Thursday was less than £400 and for that he had had blood tests and ultrasound scans and 24 hour care. I consider myself (and Tom) very lucky if your £1000 was anything to go by.

Kathy said...

We're always amazed at how much we spend at the vet's for routine treatment. Have you got a PDSA near you, they're supposed to be very good too. Glad to hear Gizmo's back home ... you must be worn out with worry!

Toffeeapple said...

Is there an equivalent of the General Medical Council to whom you could complain about the private practice vet? That really was despicable treatment.

I do hope that poor Gizmo is out of the woods now and that you can relax at last.

amanda claire said...

First of all, I am so pleased Gizmo is home again! What a relief. And as for that private practise, it makes your blood boil. I know they have to be paid unsociable hours and medical treatment costs, but to suggest all that on the spot and then for you to go elsewhere and have him looked after for so much less is ridiculous! My cousin spent over £3000 on his siamese cat when he was bitten by a dog. He did everything he could for his beloved pet but unfortunately he didn't survive his injuries. And yet the vet surgery were more than happy to suggest and use the most expensive treatment at a time when they knew that the cat had little chance of survival and that my cousin would be willing to pay anything for that little bit of hope! I would certainly go straight back to the RSPCA next time, Simone, because you know when you've found a place that truly cares for your darling Gizmo!! xx

Michela said...

Sorry to hear what you're going through, after all your concern for poor Gizmo.

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Firstly thank goodness you have him back with you and hopefully his troubles ARE over!
That is dreadful service from your vet especially as you have been using them for some time. At least the RSPCA treated him and charged you fairly. As someone else has mentioned the PDSA are also very good. Fingers crossed though that all will be well and that you do not need to return.
Take care Simone and hugs to the Ginger boy!
Vivienne x

Judy Hartman said...

That is terrible, Simone.
I'm so glad Gizmo is back home and I hope he continues to do well. As for you, may you find some peace and calm for your poor wounded spirit! I think you need a vacation!!!

Anne said...

Oh, Simone. I am so sad to hear about Gizmo. My sweet cat was just put to sleep today, so I guess I'm extra sensitive. It's so hard to have ailing pets. I am sending good thoughts your way for you and for the sweet Ginger Boy.

Julia said...

Pleased to hear that Gizmo is home again - I hope he is feeling better soon.

Love Julia x

Helen Philipps said...

Oh dear, Simone - what an ordeal you've been having. I'm glad that Gizmo is home with you now and I hope he'll soon fully recover. I'm glad you went to the RSPCA too - and didn't go along with the unscrupulous vets. Such an emotional time when a pet is ill, and it does seem that some vets exploit the situation. Wishing you a much happier week and a healthy happy Ginger Boy.
Helen x

Bluebell said...

Hello Simone,
I am so sorry to hear about Gizmo and the awful worrying time you are having. Poor lad, I hope he is much better very soon. x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Some vets are terrible arent' they! No wonder my Dad's clients never want to leave him. If you cat has a big blockage then you can usually feel that from the outside I am sure but an x-ray would be necessary to see where it is exactly. Hopefully it is a virus and now he is re-hydrated he can get the better of it. Take care. xxx

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

I'm so glad he's home!