Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Three Things Unique to Today

  • I rescued a stag beetle that was walking along the pavement.  I was worried in case it got trodden on.  I picked it up on a stick and was amazed when it started to walk backwards, up the stick towards my hand.  I swiftly placed him in my front garden.

  • I helped an elderly man when he fell off his bike.  He was in front of me in a pedestrian walkway and he was trying to get on his bike without much success.  As he tried to swing his right leg over the saddle he lost his balance and he fell to the left in slow motion with his bike landing on top of him.  I do hope that he is OK.

  • I baked a batch of chocolate brownies with chocolate chunks. (pictured top)

There it is.  Three things unique to my day. Was there anything unique about yours?

Edited: I will put up the Brownie recipe on my Linden Grove Kitchen blog sometime this week.


Toffeeapple said...

Well now, I managed to stay asleep until 6.15 am but that doesn't compare with your day at all. You have been very helpful to two creatures.

periwinkle said...

Bless you good samaritan ... nothing unique , yet!

Rosie said...

I hope the man is OK! Your brownies look very tasty. Two unique things happened today both bird related. On our journey out this morning the traffic was held up by swans in the road being rounded up by helpers - I wonder why they had all landed on a busy road? On our way back we saw a curlew sitting in a field close to the roadway - it was beautiful and such a treat to see as they are very shy birds:)

Lisa said...

It's been a pretty standard Wed here so far!
Lucky bettle and person having a kind soul such as you around when they needed help.
Lisa x

Ali said...

Yoo hoo, how are you doing are you ok?? Your posts seem more upbeat :-) xx Liking the look of your brownies go great with a latte!! Hope the chap is ok - I feel I havent done anything interesting today worth while telling anyway xx

KC'sCourt! said...

My days never seem interesting!
I like your Brownies, I have never mastered making them properly and birds end up with a chocolate day!
Is there a knack of making brownies?
Julie xxxxxxxx

Michela said...

A batch of delicious brownies is the perfect reward for your acts of kindness!

Vintage Tea Time said...

I've been Flea-market hunting for china today - and I found a saucer that exactly matched a set I've got, missing one saucer! Yay! Roasted beetroot tonight for the first time - delicious - put the beetroot (topeed and tailed, but not peeled) in a roasting pan, with olive oil, lemon juice and rosemary for about 40 mins. Yummy :) Abby x

Bluebell said...

I love the idea of your post and enjoyed hearing the unique things about your day, you certainly have done your good deed for the day.

My unique things for today would be that I saw a deer when I was out riding early this morning and found a little plant flowering in the garden I don't reconise and don't know how it got there.x

amanda claire said...

As you posted this yesterday I shall think of unique things that happened yesterday too as they are far better than the things that happened today!

1) I accidentally squirted Tim in the face with the hose when watering the veggies (I was trying to unhook the hose from around a corner and when I "flicked" it, the spray gun at the end turned in his direction and he got a face full!)

2) I rearranged all the books on one of our bookcase, finally managing to fit all of Tim's novels in a way that was both visually attractive and made logical sense... I've been meaning to do that since last June when we moved in!

3) I made a honey, mustard and mayonnaise dressing for Tim's salad, doing my usual trick of throwing things in and hoping they work... it looked disgusting but tasted fab so it ended up in his lunchbox ready for today ;)

Lyn said...

mmmm let me I got class 5 to be quiet for more that 5 minutes-thats unheard of!!!

Judy Hartman said...

You are very kind, and a wonderful baker, Simone!!!